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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Usefulness of Red Fruit

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Usefulness of Red Fruit Red Fruit Buah Merah Papua
Why red fruit lately become very popular? Certainly not because of the red red fruit apparently has the ability to help cure many diseases.

The types of diseases that can be treated red fruit, among others:
Usefulness of Red Fruit Red Fruit Buah Merah PapuaUsefulness of Red Fruit Red Fruit Buah Merah Papua


Although experts have many years of trying to make a cure for AIDS remains the medicine have not been found. Perhaps you yourself feel insecure about the efficacy of red fruits on this one. But the efficacy of red fruit has been proven to cure AIDS. One is freed from the grip of a death from AIDS is Agustina Sawery.

Agustina Sawery had reduced his weight from 50 kg to 27 kg. He had anal infection, impaired liver function, mouth bercendawan and lung infections. Agustina seemingly just waiting for the hour of his death. So he came to the Drs I Made Budi MS.Saat Made is well known that in Papua because often treat diseases such as cancer with red fruit extract. Agustina then given a red fruit extract taken three times a day.

Since taking the situation began to improve red fruit. Who had dropped his weight to be increased to 27 kg from 46 kg. Her skin is all smooth busik be returned. Hair that had fallen began to grow again. Agustina become much fitter.

It is reported that the ability to cure AIDS red fruit is due to the red fruit containing tocopherol and beta-carotene is very high. Both the content of this function as antioxidants and can improve the immune system. Tocopherol and beta-carotene eventually combine to break down the amino acids needed by the virus that causes AIDS, HIV, so the virus can not establish his life.
Usefulness of Red Fruit Red Fruit Buah Merah PapuaUsefulness of Red Fruit Red Fruit Buah Merah Papua

2. Cancer and Tumors

Other properties of red fruit is the treating cancers and tumors. Cancer and tumors is undoubtedly one of the biggest causes of death. What is caused by cancer and the tumor? The disease is caused by hormone irregularities in the body that causes the growth of meat in the normal tissue.

Red fruit can cure cancer because tokoferolnya content is very high, reaching 11 000 ppm and 7000 ppm betakarotennya achieve. Both these compounds function as antioxidants and boost the immune system and prevent the propagation of cancer cells.

3. Stroke and High Blood

Stroke is caused by the freezing and narrowing blood vessels. One cause of this disease are high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes blood clotting so that narrows blood vessels, resulting in reduced blood supply. Moreover, the blood vessels can rupture. This disease, if not fatal, can cause paralysis of limbs.

High blood pressure itself caused by the heart that pumps blood too quickly. This is one of them due to lack of oxygen or oxygen the blood is too thick.

Red fruit containing tocopherol that can dilute blood and accelerate the blood circulation so that oxygen content in blood to be normal.

4. Uric acid

Dsebabkan uric acid because of the disturbance so that the liver function of the liver to produce excess uric acid. Uric acid eventually be accommodated within the kidney stone and was taken to the ends of fingers and toes and accumulate there.

Tocopherol in red fruit thin the blood and improve the work system lever. Work system in the liver, after being repaired, producing normal levels of uric acid.

5. Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes)

The disease is caused by the pancreas gland is not able to produce insulin in sufficient quantities. As a result, the content of sugar in the blood increases.

Tocopherol content in red fruits of work to improve the function of the pancreas so that the pancreas becomes normal again.

6. Osteoporosis

Due to bone loss, osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. This disease generally attacks those who are already age.

Red fruit is rich in calcium so it can prevent and treat osteoporosis. In 100 grams of fresh red fruit contained 54 000 mg of calcium.

7. Eye Disorders

High beta-carotene content in red fruits can solve many kinds of eye diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin A. Beta-carotene is absorbed and processed by the body into vitamin A.

8. Improve Intelligence

The content of omega 3 and omega 6 in the red fruit can stimulate the brain works and enhance intelligence. Therefore, red fruit suitable for consumption by children.

9. Increase Passion and Fertility

Red fruit, according to those who consume it, can help increase male sexual arousal. Effect of treatment varies, there is a reaction after 15 minutes of drinking it, there are also one or two hours after drinking it.

Vitamin E in the red fruit helps increase sperm production. In addition, red fruit containing high energy, namely 360 calories.

 In addition to the properties-properties that have been mentioned above, red fruit can also rumored to treat gastric diseases, hemorrhoids, lung disorders and so forth.

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