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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves

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Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves Empirically, many people take advantage of breadfruit leaves to cope with various health problems. In addition to lowering blood cholesterol levels, some are making it as a solution to save the kidney. If only the advice of relatives and relatives are not ignored, it is not impossible Arman must undergo dialysis regularly. In fact, it could be the father of two children had lost his kidney. Breadfruit leaf decoction drunk who routinely able to save her kidneys and ensure the daily routine is still running.

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves Before routine drinking breadfruit leaf herb that has been drained and a half years ago, complaining about his body Arman easily tired, lethargic, and the freshness of her face is much reduced. He also tortured when the urge to urinate. "It was torture, in addition to the old, out too little. Waiting for the many hours it really made me miserable, "he said.

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves The result of the doctor, the left kidney conditions including severe Arman. Not only tortured during urination, weight also fell dramatically, from 70 kg to 55 kg. These conditions include Arman try another solution. Although initially some doubt, advice from his brother to drink boiled breadfruit leaf was eventually followed. When it's this 65-year-old man was already beginning to take it anymore with the pain experienced. Fortunately, despite the condition of the kidneys is severe enough, Arman did not have to undergo dialysis.

According to doctors, no kidney malfunction due to several reasons. Among the sediment of kidney stones, enlarged prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure, or immunological disease. In her case, renal failure caused by an enlarged prostate.

Medically, the decline in kidney function due to aging would be more rapid progress because of an enlarged prostate clog the urinary tract. Like most sufferers, a new Arman complain after renal function is reduced 25-30 percent.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Efficacy of Mahogany Seeds

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Efficacy of Mahogany Seeds
Mahogany Seeds
On our campus, Al-Zaytun, quite a lot of mahogany (Swietenia Mahagoni Jacg Latin names or in the country tentangga also called sky fruit because fruit leads to the sky) and has now grown big.
Mahogany Seeds
Trees can reach 5-25 feet tall has a root riding, trunked round, many branches and sap wood. The leaves are compound pinnate even. Helaiannya oval. The tip and tapered base. Flat edge, bone pinnate, and 3-15 cm in length. The young leaves are red and green color after dark. The flowers are arranged in a bouquet compound that came out of leaf armpit. Mother cylindrical flower stalk and the color brown.
Mahogany Seeds
This tree petals off one another, shaped like a spoon, and it's green. Crown cylindrical, brownish yellow. Stamens attached to the crown. Anthers white or brownish yellow. Fruit shape is oval, notched five, the color brown. Seeds flattened, brown or black color. New mahogany flowering after the age of 7 years.

What is interesting for me was the fruit seeds.
Mahogany Seeds
Some friends suggested that we regularly eat beans at least once mahogany / day, both for health said. Because many seeds are scattered everywhere, be every evening ebony finish my watering plants, picking the seeds of mahogany and ate one seed, the rest is put in office for friends who want to eat well.
Mahogany Seeds
Mahogany seeds are very bitter, long the loss of the tongue. For that I eat it like a pill just to eat, put on the back of the tongue directly driven by the water. Usefulness? My feeling still, the body does not quickly exhausted, increases stamina, not easy to drop / ill.

It was nearly two months of eating, there are friends who question whether the true seed is good for kesihatan mahogany instead of the bitter-bitter nature of doping, so that's not good is consumed more often? I was so stunned, too, yes yes, I eat this seed new mahogany "he said-she said" only healthy, have not read the literature. I'm looking at Google's many other benefits also must be careful not to most (but, no matter if most are not good, right?).

Research mahogany pieces for use as vitamins and drugs was first performed by a biochemist, DR. Larry Brookes, in the 1990s. Mahogany fruit contains flavonoids and saponins.

The content of flavonoids was useful for blood circulation, especially to prevent the blockage of blood vessels, reduces cholesterol and fatty deposits on blood vessel walls, helps reduce pain, bleeding, and bruising, as well as act as antioxidants to eliminate free radicals.

Saponin is useful to prevent pestilence, reduce body fat, boost the immune system, improve blood sugar levels, and strengthen liver function and slow the blood clotting process.

According to Chinese medicine, this plant has a characteristic bitter, cold, antipyretics (fever), antifungal, and can reduce high blood pressure, hypertension, blood sugar disorders, lack of appetite, fever, and helps maintain durability. This plant also has the ability as an astringent (drying), can precipitate intestinal mucous membrane proteins and form a layer that protects the intestine, preventing the intake of glucose and the rate of increase in blood glucose.

It is said also, mahogany powder mixture was believed to have a property to assist the process of healing and vitality. There also are suitable for beginning-level complaints stroke, hypertension, diabetes.

A study mahogany seeds in lowering blood glucose in animal experiments ever conducted Mihardja Laurentia, a researcher at the Center For Research and Development of Disease Control, NIHRD. The extract mahogany dose of 45 mg / 160 g body weight after 7 days showed a significantly different result than the solvent and did not differ with glikazide 7.2 mg/200 g body weight. It was concluded, mahogany can lower blood glucose in animal experiments.

How to Eat

1. Seeds are eaten immediately after removing the outer skin is flat.
2. Used as a first powder, crushed or mashed beans into a powder and brewed with hot water.
3. Eaten in the form of extracts, is that many on the market. Extracts are marketed in different forms, ranging from the capsule, fiber powder, premix juice, essential oils (for raising breast and a skin), tea powder, instant coffee powder until. Most in the form of powder, whereas other forms are based more on order.

If you want to take advantage of factory-made mahogany extract, choose who has received permission from the POM. When in doubt, may consult with your doctor, especially for those who bermasaiah with diabetes.

Sample Potions

Not complicated to make herb-based powders mahogany, just mix it with water, namely:

* To treat high blood pressure, take half a teaspoon of powdered seeds of mahogany and glass of hot water. Add one tablespoon of honey, stirred, after a warm and drunk.
* For patients with blood sugar disorders, potion together with hypertension, and should be taken 30 minutes before meals.
* To enter the wind and stamina enhancer, their formula is the same, but you can add ginger.
* For hypertension: 8 grams of freshly brewed beans with 2 cups hot water. After chilling filtered and then divided into 2 sections, taken morning and evening. Or it could be half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany half-cup of brewed with hot water, add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 2-3 times a day.
* For diabetes, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany brewed with 1 / 3 cup hot water. Let stand for several hours for a nutritious substance soluble in water. Filter first before drinking. Drink while warm, 30 minutes before eating. Do it 2-3 times a day. Although mahogany seeds steeping water taste bitter, drink it as is. Do not added honey or sugar.
* To increase appetite, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany brewed with 1 / 3 cup hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 2-3 times a day.
* To say to a fever and colds, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany quarter cup of brewed with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 2-3 times a day.
* For eczema and rheumatism, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany half-cup of brewed with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 3 times a day.

NOTE: before used as powder, dried mahogany seeds first. Once dried, then ground to a powder.

Side Effects

Besides the benefits that quite a lot, there are also some side effects.

From the above note there are 2 ingredients Mahogany seeds:

1. Saponin,
2. Flavonoids

That number 1 should really pay attention, because in a certain amount would increase the risk of cholesterol in mempedu fluid, which in akirnya will cause gallstones. Besides, it also acts as a steroid.
A number 2, the maximum dose is 200 mg per day.

Besides, that particular person, it seems not yet to the increase of bile cholesterol, already feeling sick in the pit of the stomach. So, as long as you measure the dose, and is not used for a long time,
probably due to the effect that help flavonoida permeability or blood vessel flexibility, it can indeed be used for high blood pressure.

The problem, in studies on saponin, do not use mahogany, also in the department of health database no perbiji how much content. Because humans are unique, too, plants grown mahogany with a particular place produces a certain degree also will be is difficult to regulate and how we decide.

According to herbalist practitioner experience, should be enough to eat one seed per day, if eaten immediately. Another dose comparable to that.

Good luck.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The secret of Soursop for Cancer

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The secret of Soursop for CancerSavor Soursop 10.000 times Stronger than Cancer Chemotherapy

Source is very shocking news comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in America. Graviola fruit in-test in more than 20 laboratories, since the 1970s until a few years berikutnya.Hasil Test of extract (juice) fruit is a effektive choose a target and kill the bad cells from 12 different cancer types, including:
The secret of Soursop for Cancer
* Colon Cancer
* Breast cancer
* Prostate Cancer
* Lung Cancer
* Pancreatic Cancer.

Based on data and research results, the power of anti-cancer substances in soursop plant is 10,000 times more potent in killing cancer cells and slow the growth of naturally compared with Adriamycin and Chemo therapy is commonly used. Unlike chemo therapy, this juice is selective only hunt down and kill the bad cells and NOT harm / kill healthy cells
Some researchers at the Health Sciences Institute recognizes if the fruit soursop give effect to anti-tumor / cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer.

In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as an antibacterial, antifungal (fungi), effective against various types of parasites / worms, lowers high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system that are less good.

Health Sciences Research Institute are taken by Indian tribes living habits living in the Amazon jungle. Some parts of this tree such as bark, roots, leaves, fruit flesh and seeds, over the centuries become a drug for the Indians. Graviola or soursop believed able to cure heart disease, asthma, liver problems (heart) and arthritis.

Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be a cancer cell killer remarkable in trials conducted by 20 different independent laboratories and conducted under the supervision of the National Cancer Institute.

A study published by the Journal of Natural Products stated that the study conducted by the Catholic University in South Korea, said that one of the chemical elements contained in the Graviola, able to select, discriminate and kill colon cancer cells with 10,000 times more potent than with adriamycin and chemo therapy.

The most striking discovery from Catholic University in this study were: Graviola can select to choose evil and kill only cancer cells, while healthy cells are not touched or disturbed.

Graviola not like chemo therapy who can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, then the reproductive cells (such as stomach and hair) were killed out by the chemo therapy, which raised the negative effects of nausea and hair loss.

Studies at Purdue University show that the Graviola leaves are able to effectively kill cancer cells, particularly cancer cells: prostate, pancreas, and lung.

Several university research results that prove if the magic tree and its fruit can be:

* Attacking cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy.
* Protecting the immune system and prevent the deadly infection.
* Increased energy and improved physical appearance.
* Effectively selecting target and kill the bad cells from 12 different cancer types, including colon cancer, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreas.
* These drugs 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamycin and the commonly used chemo therapy.
* Unlike chemo therapy, juice only selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and not harm or kill healthy cells.

[1] http://samuderahati.8forum.net/tip-tip-kesehatan-f4/khasiat-sirsak-10000x-lebih-kuat-dari-kemoterapi-kanker-t162.htm

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Secret Benefit Of Pineapple Fruit

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Pineapple FruitPineapple Fruit contains vitamins A and C as antioxidants. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, dextrose, sucrose, and the enzyme bromelain.

Bromelain efficacious as anti-inflammatory, helps soften the food in the stomach, and inhibit cancer cell growth. Fiber content can facilitate defecation in patients with constipation.

Pineapple FruitSome properties that have been cooked pineapple:

1. are cold,
2. to reduce the discharge of excessive stomach acid,
3. helps digestion of food in the stomach,
4. anti-inflammatory,
5. peluruh urine (diuretic),
6. clean up of dead skin tissue,
7. interfere with cancer cell growth,
8. inhibit platelet clumping.

Some diseases can be cured with pineapple fruit:

1. Water (juice) pineapple: worms, sore throat, Give, give, lose weight, digestion problems
2. Pineapple leaf (washed, finely ground, smeared in a hospital): For burns, itching and boils
3. Dandruff: Provide 1 / 4 ripe pineapple fruit. Peel the skin, and scar, and filtered. Add the juice 1 orange juice and stir until blended. Use this mixture to rub the scalp of dandruff. Do it the night before bed. The next morning washed hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.
4. Inflammation of the skin: provide 1 / 2 pineapple that has been cooked. Peel the skin, and scar. Results parutannya used to rub the skin is scaly and peeling. Do it once a day, night before bed. The next morning washed clean new. Do it every day.
5. Constipation: drinking water from 3 pieces of pineapple, but choose the fruit that has not been cooked properly and is a bit sour.

Side Effects:

1. Pineapple young potential as abortivum or similar drugs that can abort the womb. Therefore, the pineapple can be used to launch a late period. Therefore, pregnant women are prohibited from consuming young pineapple.
2. trigger arthritis. In the gastrointestinal tract, pineapple fruit fermented into alcohol. This could trigger a recurrence of rheumatic gout. Rheumatism and arthritis sufferers are encouraged to limit consumption of pineapple.
3. increase blood sugar. Ripe pineapple fruits contain high sugar levels. So, for diabetics, should not consume excessive pineapple.
4. cause itching. Sometimes after eating fresh pineapple, mouth and tongue itch. To avoid this, before eating, soak pieces of pineapple with salt water. Simple is not it?

Article Source:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skin Smoothing With Turmeric

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TumericTurmeric, turmeric, or koneng is a plant family. From leaf to its rizhom widely used for cooking ingredients until the ingredients. Curcuminoids compounds have been studied its ability to protect cells, tissues and organs from damage caused by free radicals by neutralizing free radicals, and prevent the formation of a new radical. And from a few references to show support, in the presence of antioxidants and turmeric, so turmeric is very good for skin health.

The tradition among the Javanese palace-palace, the woman and her daughters are always regular drinking sour turmeric to maintain health and smoothness of their skin. For use on the skin, turmeric has traditionally been used for skin infections such as eczema and scabies.

[1]http:// republika.co.id pada http://www.litbang.deptan.go.id/tahukah-anda/?p=17

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Secret Benefir of Zingiber aromaticum

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Zingiber aromaticumZingiber aromaticum or more commonly known as Fragrant Plants Lempuyang This includes families in which there is content Zingiberceae zerumbon, limonene. Useful for treating:

Swollen feet after giving birth in a way lempuyang rhizome, cayenne Java, washed, crushed, give water, wring the cloth. Drink water.

Zingiber aromaticumTo treat hemorrhoid disease by 3 / 4 finger lempuyang washed, grated, add 2 tablespoons of boiled water, salt, squeeze. Drink 2 times a day @ 1 Tbsp.

Colic from cold.

A rhizome lempuyang washed, roasted, crushed with 1 / 2 finger turmeric, 3 rhizome retrieval key, a piece of wood ules, 5 fennel seeds, coriander 11 grains, 11 grains of pepper perforated, 20 poko fresh leaves, boiled with 2 cups of water until the water half, strain and drink 2 times a day, after lunch and dinner @ 1 / 2 cup.
Increase appetite.

3 fingers lempuyang washed, grated, give 3 teaspoons of water, drink 3 times a day @ 1 teaspoon before meals.

a) 3 finger lempuyang washed but not peeled, grated, give palm sugar, boiled in 3 cups of water until the water stay glass. Chill, drink all at once, repeat several times.

b) 2 finger lempuyang washed, crushed, boiled with 2 cups of water until the water half. Drink 2 times a day @ 1 / 2 cup.

Seibu finger lempuyang washed, grated. Give 1 / 2 cup water, wring it out, let it settle. Take the liquid to be drunk once a day until healed.

Rhizome lempuyang crushed 2 fingers, 3 red onions peeled towards justice, laundry, give 1 / 2 cup, squeeze. Drink 2 times a day @ 2 Tbsp.

[1] http://info-medis.blogspot.com/2009/11/khasiat-lempuyang-wangi.html

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Efficacy of Black Pepper

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Black PepperAmong the family of spice, black pepper (Piper nigrum) or black pepper is a type of spice is most popular. First found in Malabar, the west coast of southern India about 2000 years ago. Now pepper widely planted in Asia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia.

Pepper vines classified. The leaves are oval-shaped, single-stemmed, alternate location or scattered. Pepper Compound flowering, grain shape, and hang with the long ears of 3.5 to 22 cm, is at the tip or deal with the leaves. While the drug is used as a fruit.

Chemical constituents in black pepper is a saponin, flavonoida, essential oils, kavisin, resin, albumen, starch, piperine, piperiline, piperoleine, poperanine, piperonal, dihdrokarveol, kanyo-fillene oxide, kariptone, tran piocarrol, and pepper oil. Chemical properties of pepper are spicy and flavorful very typical.

Black pepper has many benefits. Among these are to wage menstruation, relieve an asthma attack, relieve symptoms of arthritis, overcoming flatulence, and relieve headaches.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

the secret benefit of Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon Spicatus BBS)

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Orthosiphon SpicatusCat's whiskers (Orthosiphon Spicatus BBS) in the form of shrubs, wet trunk, the height can reach 1.5 meters. Can be grown in a dry or wet at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, this plant has leaves egg-shaped spurs, leaves coarsely toothed edges. The flowers out stamen and pistil, white or purple.

Orthosiphon SpicatusThis plant has a number of benefits to cure various kinds of diseases. The leaves contain levels of potassium (boorsma) is quite high. He also contain glycosides orthosiphonin believed to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Especially from the bladder, bile and kidney.

Orthosiphon SpicatusAccording to the Atlas of Plant Medicine by Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha Indonesia, as quoted by website association data center hospitals throughout Indonesia (Persi), cat's whiskers plant flower is a compound flower in the bunch that came out at the end of the branching. The color is pale purple or white while the stamens longer than the flower tube. Fruit cat's whiskers in the form of fruit boxes and egg-shaped. These plants can be propagated by seeds or stem cuttings.

Herba this plant sweet yet slightly bitter taste. Herb cat's whiskers can be used to treat a number of diseases namely acute and chronic kidney infections, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections. To treat kidney infections and hypertension, 30 grams of washing fresh herbs cat's whiskers, herb leaves and grass snake tongue spoon. Boil it all in tigha cups of water until only the remaining one cup. Once cool, strain the water and then drink half a cup twice a day.

For those who suffer from urinary tract infections, frequent urination (volume a bit and Anyang-anyangan), can be tried healing with herbs fresh herb leaves cat whiskers, meniran, and roots of reeds 30 grams each and then washed clean. The materials are then cut as necessary and then boiled in three cups of water until only the remaining half. Once cool, the water and then drink half a glass each of three times a day.

To treat urinary stones, 90 grams of herbs cat's whiskers washed and then boiled in a liter of water until boiling and the remaining 750 cc. Once cool, drink as much as three times a day each third section. Drink this mixture until the disease is cured.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

the efficacy of Dates

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the efficacy of Dates
Many benefits can be obtained from the palm tree is the tree of life as much as the day of the year.

Privileges and efficacy of dates:

   1. Natural sugar. Dates are the fruit contains natural sugar most among all types of fruit. The concentration of sugar in dates up to 70% by weight of the fruit, while in other fruits sugar levels only about 20% -30%. Palm sugar contained in the form of fructose, glucose, sucrose, capable of supplying energy to the body quickly. That's why the dates suitable for use as a meal to break their fast. As the dates as high carbohydrate foods can provide energy for the body. Itupula why the dates are convenient for the journey in the desert or mountain climbers.
   2. Potassium. The content of potassium in dates among the richest fruits. Even more than that found in bananas. Potassium is a vital mineral that the body needs for muscle contraction, including heart muscle. Potassium is also required to maintain the health of the nervous system and helps the body's metabolism. Maintaining the availability of potassium is important for active individuals. Because of rapid potassium out of the body with sweat. Dates and water consumption is a powerful way to maintain the availability of potassium in the body. Dates are very well taken by people with patigue and constipation.
   3. Savor the other dates as dietary fiber. Among all kinds of fruits, palm-fiber diet is the most wealthy. Many high-fiber foods lower the risk of various cancers. U.S. National Cancer Institute recommends 20-35 grams of dietary fiber intake per day. Consume 5 or 6 grains of dates will meet those needs. There are 2 types of fiber are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber both in the dates. Insoluble fiber helps facilitate digestion. While the role of soluble fiber in lowering sugar levels in diabetes. Soluble fiber is also capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels, especially LDL harmful.

Similarly, the efficacy of palm-tree of life at a glance and many other dates efficacy, which can not be mentioned one by one, because so many properties of dates.

Article Source:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Secret Benefit of Ling zhi mushroom

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Ling zhi mushroomLing zhi mushroom (Ganoderma sp) or the mushroom reishi in Japan, is already known since the time of Emperor Shi Huang Ti (259-210 BC). That said, the emperor of Wei dynasty was never deployed 3000 soldiers and naval officers to Japan to find a potent plant extract is reported as an elixir of Immortality (ageless herbal medicine that makes people "do not die-die").

Apparently, the plant extract in question is the reishi mushroom extract. Because of its tough and bitter, this fungus is usually processed into a kind of liquid to drink. Now this fungus can we find in the store herbs in the form of dried mushrooms. This fungus black red meat, while the easy more beautiful, which is orange red.

Efficacy of fungi is influenced by the growth. For example, if ling zhi mushroom growing in heavy metal contaminated, ling zhi that it will also contain harmful metals. If you are interested in purchasing this fungus, select the red-brown color because the content of the highest berkhasiatnya materials.

To get the properties, these mushrooms are consumed as a herbal medicine by drinking water consumed boiled or dried after refined. According Prof.Dr.Made Astawan, ling zhi mushroom able to restore the immune system. The body also does not tire easily, look fresh and youthful.

Savor ling zhi mushroom is caused by acid and acid ganoderat lusidenat, is a polysaccharide compounds, which serves to inhibit tumor growth.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Secret Benefit of Carambola Averrhoa bilimbi

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Carambola Averrhoa bilimbiCarambola wuluh or vegetable is also called star fruit, star fruit or star fruit acids reed with the Latin name Averrhoa bilimbi is a plant that has a sour taste rich fruit efficacy is often used as a spice in vegetable or herb mixtures.

Carambola Averrhoa bilimbiCarambola or star fruit vegetable wuluh probably derived from the Maluku islands and are now scattered all over Indonesia and surrounding countries like the Philippines, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Wuluh Carambola (Averrhoa bilimbi) is known by different regions with different names, such as: limeng, selimeng (Aceh), Selemeng (Gayo), Asom starfruit, balimbingan (Batak), malimbi (Nias), balimbieng (Minangkabau), star fruit acid ( Malay), balimbing (Lampung), starfruit wuluh (Java), calincing wulet (Sunda), bhalingbhing fur (Madura).

Wuluh star fruit (Averrhoa bilimbi) which was rich properties

Also called Blimbing Buloh (Bali), limbi (Bima), Libi (MPA), balimbeng (Flores), sulfur (Sangi), lumpias, rumpeasa dureng, wulidan, lopias, lembetue (Gorontalo), bainang (Napier), calene (Bugis ), takurela (Ambon), kerbol (East), malibi (Halmahera), uteke (Papua). In English dikela as a cucumber tree or bilimbi. Meanwhile, in Latin called Averrhoa bilimbi.

The characteristics of the tree. Wuluh small starfruit tree about 10 meters tall with a diameter base of the stem reached 30 cm. Stem is wavy and uneven.

Leaf vegetables star fruit is 30-60 cm long compound leaves with 11-45 pairs of leaflets. Children in green leaves, short-stemmed, oval to elliptic with slightly pointed tip, base rounded, the edge of the leaf flat, 2-10 cm long, 1-3 cm wide.

Carambola wuluh have compound interest are arranged in panicles, flocking. Starfruit flower acids, such as fruit Kepel, grew out of the trunk or large branches. Star fruit stalk-shaped reed buni sided form, with a length of 4-6 cm. The fruit is yellowish green, watery and sour taste when cooked.

Benefits. Wuluh star fruit (Averrhoa bilimbi) can be used as a syrup, spice or vegetable dishes, clean the stain clothes, polishing brass goods, and as an ingredient of traditional medicine.

Besides fruits, leaves and stems can also be a mixture of drugs. This is because some chemical substances contained in plants such as sponin, tannin, glucoside, calcium oxalate, sulfur, original format, and the peroxidase contained in the stem wuluh starfruit. Also tannins, sulfur, sulfuric origin, peroxidase, potassium citrate and calcium oxalate in the leaves. Meanwhile, star fruit wuluh itself efficacious as an analgesic, and diuretic.

Flowers wuluh starfruit (Averrhoa bilimbi) can be used as oral thrush and cough medicine. While the leaves to cure stomach pains, mumps (parotitis), high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Star fruit wuluh efficacious as traditional medicine for whooping cough, bleeding gums, canker sores, painful cavities, acne, phlegm, high blood pressure, paralysis, digestive disorders, and inflammation of the rectum.

Unfortunately I am not an expert in the field of medicine so that the efficacy of traditional medicine starfruit wuluh as I can not describe in detail. All I know, the plant with the Latin name of this bilimbi Averrhoa, which supposedly is a plant native to Indonesia, it can not be taken lightly.

Scientific classification: Kingdom: Plantae, Division: Magnoliophyta, Class: Magnoliopsida, Order: Oxalidales; Family: Oxalidaceae; Genus: Averrhoa; Species: Averrhoa bilimbi. Indonesian Name: starfruit wuluh, star fruit vegetable, sour starfruit.

Article Source:
[1] http://alamendah.wordpress.com/2010/08/15/belimbing-wuluh-averrhoa-bilimbi-kaya-khasiat/

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Savor Tomato for Cancer Prevention

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Savor Tomato for Cancer PreventionTomatoes Anyone would know, but them know you when tomatoes were a variety of forms. First tomato fruit, red, thick fleshed, with juicy seeds and easily obtained in traditional Indonesian markets once.

While smaller and usually orange-green and green when immature, known as sebagal tomato vegetable often used in cooking. In addition there are also small size of a marble called cherry tomatoes. This type of tomato is also used to make the sauce mixture in dish or salad.

Lower Cancer Risk

Tomatoes are not only delicious for cooking, but also nutritious for health. The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute confirm that consumption of tomatoes in sufficient quantities can lower cancer risk, although not all types of cancer. From 72 studies conducted, 57 states have relevance tomato consumption with a reduced risk of cancer, according to Dr. Edward Giovannucci of Harvard Medical School.

"The data linking the consumption of almost all tomatoes with prostate cancer, lung and digestive system," said Giovannucci. His discovery also shows that consumption of tomatoes may reduce the risk of other cancers such as pancreatic, colon, breast and cervix.

"It's best to eat tomatoes as a healthy diet, like other fruit or vegetable consumption," said Dr. Moshe Shike director of the Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program, Cancer Center, New York, colleagues Giovannuci.

Giovannucci own conduct research on tomatoes in any form, whether raw, sauce, pasta, soup or salad. Efficacy was found in all these preparations, the study also concluded that the compound benefits of tomatoes do not interfere with the cooking and processing.

Only, sometimes tomatoes mixed with fat and sugar that is not good for health if consumed too much. such as fresh tomatoes consumed with cheese. High-fat sources that should be reduced.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Benefits of Mango

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Benefits of MangoMangoes belong to the fruit "stone" fleshy with shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors (aroma, flavor, texture) wide. Form of mango is a fully rounded, like mango gedong, long and round, like mangoes and mango harumanis manalagi, Mango kopeks round flat, medium oval mango doll.

Although the shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors of mango variety. In terms of nutrition they almost did not differ significantly. Fresh ripe mango contains about 82 percent water, vitamin C 41 mg, and energy / Kal 73 calories per 100 grams. In every 100 grams of young mango, mango is still raw-water contained approximately 84 per cent, vitamin C 65 mg, and energy 66 Cal. Energy in the young mango low because many contain more starch, which will turn into sugar in the ripening process.

Most of the energy derived from carbohydrates in the form of mango sugar, which makes it sweet. Sugar content was dominated by sugar sucrose group. Sugar content ranges from 7-12 percent in mango. However, the type of sweet mango can reach 16-18 percent.

Mangoes are also a source of beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C. Beta-carotene is a substance in the body is converted into vitamin A (nutrients essential for retinal function). Beta-carotene (and vitaminC) are also classified as antioxidants, compounds that may protect against cancer because it can neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by the body's normal chemical processes, solar or cosmic radiation, cigarette smoke and other environmental influences.

In the body, the majority of free radicals derived from complex chemical processes when oxygen is used in the cell. Free radicals are chemically incomplete it can "steal" of particles from other molecules.

He then produces abnormal compounds and create a chain reaction that can damage cells, by causing a fundamental change in the genetic material and the important parts of other cells. Simply put, how free radicals damage the body's cells, similar to the process of oxygen causes the paper turns yellow or butter becomes rancid. Antioxidant nutrients, such as beta-carotene and vitamin C, making no harmful free radicals by neutralizing them.

Nutrients that contained abundant antioxidants in mango fruit. The content of beta-carotene and vitamin C (along with potassium, vitamin A activity, carbohydrate, energy and water) of some kinds of mangoes every 100 grams can be seen in some libraries.

Vitamin C
In addition to functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin C has a function to maintain and promote health of capillaries, healthy teeth and gums. He helps the absorption of iron and can inhibit the production of natrosamin, a cancer-triggering substances. Vitamin C can also make permanent normal connective tissue and aid in healing wounds.

Vitamin C content of mango worthy enough. Every 100 grams of edible ripe mango supply as much as 41 mg of vitamin C, mango young even to 65 mg. Means, by consuming 150 grams of ripe mango or mango doll 200 grams (1 / 2 small pieces), the adequacy of vitamin C that is recommended for male and female adult per day (each 60 mg) can be fulfilled.

Potassium and stroke
Potassium has the function of increasing regularity of heart rate, kotraksi activate muscles, and help blood pressure. Adequate consumption of potassium may reduce the effects of sodium in increasing blood pressure, and are free to contribute to the decreased risk of stroke.

One study showed that when someone adds a high-potassium fruit into a pattern of daily food, fatal stroke risk can be reduced by 40 percent. Extra consumption of 400 mg of potassium every day can reduce the chances of getting heart and blood vessel disease.

Mangoes are abundant in potassium. Every 100 grams of mango contained potassium at 189 mg. By eating a mango harumanis very small size (at least 250 grams), or a mango gedong medium size (200-250 g), potassium adequacy of 400 mg per day can be met.

You want to buy mangoes can choose a good mango with yellowish green color, smooth skin and sweet flavor. Avoid selecting the fruit that is too loud or too soft, bruised, or the smell of fermentation.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Benefit of Guava

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The Benefit of GuavaIf the dengue season, definitely "popularity" guava soared. In fact, the efficacy of guava not just raise the white blood cells, but more than that. Guava one is even capable of reducing diabetes mellitus, gastritis, diarrhea, skin until pain and colds. Great huh?

Guava (Psidium guajava) spread extends to Southeast Asia including Indonesia, to South Asia, India and Sri Lanka. Guava including shrubs and plants have many branches and twigs; hard trunk. The outer surface of guava tree brown and slippery. If the skin is exfoliated guava wood, wooden rod surface will look wet. Shape ovate leaves are usually patterned with a rather large size. The flowers are small white and appear from behind the armpit leaves. These plants can flourish in the lowlands up to the height of 1200 meters above sea level. At the age of 2-3 years has begun to bear fruit guava. Seeds are many and there in the flesh.
Guava is also familiar with the name of Psidium guajava (UK / Netherlands), Guava klutuk, Bayawas, tetokal, Tokal (Java); klutuk Jambu, Jambu Batu (Sunda), Guava Bender (Madura).

Ingredients: Fruit, leaves and bark of guava tree contains tannin, is in the interest does not contain a lot of tannins. Guava leaves also contain other substances except tannins, such as essential oils, ursolic acid, acid psidiolat, kratogolat acid, acid oleanolat
, Guajaverin acids and vitamins. The content of guava fruit (100 gr) - Calories 49 cal - Vitamin A 25 SI - 0.02 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin C 87 mg - 14 mg Calcium - Hydrate Charcoal 12.2 grams - Phosphorus 28 mg - 1.1 mg Iron - Protein 0.9 mg - 0.3 grams Fat - 86 grams water.


    Diabetes Mellitus. Ingredients: 1 half-ripe guava fruit. Method: guava fruit cut into four pieces and boiled with 1 liter of water until boiling, then filtered to take water. How to use: drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon

    Maag. Ingredients: 8 pieces of guava leaves are still fresh. Method: boiled with 1.5 liters of water to boiling, then filtered to take water. How to use: drink 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening.

    Abdominal pain, diarrhea and diarrhea. Ingredients: 5 pieces of guava leaf, 1 piece of root, bark and trunk. Method: boiled with 1.5 liters of water to boiling and then filtered to take water. How to use: drink 2 times daily morning and afternoon.

    Diarrhea in infants who are breast-feeding. Ingredients: young guava and salt to taste. How to use: chewed by mothers who breastfeed infants, the water is swallowed and the pulp discarded.

    Sign in wind. Ingredients: 10 sheets of guava leaves are still young, 1 whole red chilli, 3 eye fruit acid, 1 piece of palm sugar, salt to taste. How to make: all the ingredients are boiled together with 1 liter of water to boiling and then filtered to take water. How to use: drink 2 times a day.

    Beser (frequent urination) excessive. Ingredients: 1 handful of guava leaves are still young, 3 tablespoons powdered fried rice without oil (couple = Java). How to make: two ingredients are boiled together with 2.5 cups water to boil down to 1 cup and then filtered. How to use: drink every 3 hours 3 tablespoons.

    Prolapsisani. Ingredients: 1 handful of guava leaf, 1 guava bar skin cut. Way of making: braised together with 2 cups water to boiling, then filtered to take water. How to use: water mixture is still warm in a state used to compress the shaft intestinal mucous membrane (navel) in infants.

    Sprue. Ingredients: 1 handful of guava leaf, 1 guava bar skin cut. Way of making: braised together with 2 cups water to boiling, then filtered to take water. How to use: drink 2 times a day.

    Sore skin. Ingredients: 1 handful of guava leaves are still young, 7 guava flower. How to make: mashed together until smooth. How to use: to rub the skin of the sick.

    Drug new wound. Ingredients: 3 guava leaf. Method: chewed until soft. How to use: placed on the injured body part so as not mengelurkan blood continuously.

[1] http://www.purwakarta.org/index.php/2006/01/11/khasiat-jambu-batu/

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Benefits of Peanuts

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Benefits of PeanutsPeanuts contain adequate protin high, iron, vitamin E and calcium, vitamin B complex and phosphorus. Peanuts are often incorrectly seen as the cause of the growth of acne, even protin content in peanuts is much higher than dagaging, eggs and soya beans. He also contain adequate high amino asid. Of peanut oil is the best source of laxatives. To add to the body content of milk for mothers who breast-feed her baby, digalak take the roasted peanuts with goat's milk.

Peanuts are also said to contain adequate material to build resilience against the body for a dry cough illness. Taking a peanut auns reported five times a week can prevent heart disease. Eating a handful of peanuts every day, especially the patient's diabetes may help the lack of substance.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Efficacy and Benefits of Seaweed

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Efficacy and Benefits of Seaweed

Many studies have shown that seaweed is a nutritious food, here are a few of them:

1. Anticancer Research Harvard School of Public Health in America reveals, premenopausal women in Japan are three times less likely to develop breast cancer than American women. This is due to the diet of Japanese women who are always adding seaweed in their menu.

2. Antioxidants Chlorophyll in green sea gangang can function as an antioxidant. This substance helps rid the body from free radical reactions are very harmful to the body.

3. Preventing Cardiovascular Japanese Scientists uncover, seaweed extract can lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension. For people with stroke, consuming sea grass is also highly recommended because it can absorb excess salt in the body.

4. Dietary fiber content of foods (dietary fiber) of seaweed is very high. This fiber is filling and smooth the body's metabolic processes, so it is best eaten the obese. Carbohydrate is also difficult to digest so you will feel full longer without fear of obesity.

5. Traditionally, seaweed is believed to treat coughs, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, intestinal worms, abdominal pain, fever, influenza, and arthritis.

[1] http://kir-31.blogspot.com/2009/11/khasiat-dan-manfaat-rumput-laut.html

Sunday, October 10, 2010

multiple benefits of green beans

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multiple benefits of green beansUnlike other vegetable, the longer it is boiled, efficacy will be reduced. Green peas are actually not affected by heat. Not only taste delicious, too diverse properties. One is to increase sexual arousal.

Green beans are a source of vegetable protein, vitamins (A, B1, and C), as well as some minerals. Excess green beans are kecambahnya (bean sprouts) contain vitamin E that are not found in peanuts and soybeans.
Utilization of bean sprouts as a food ingredient has been widely known in Indonesia. In addition to seeds, leaves of green beans can also be used as a vegetable

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Benefits of papaya roots

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Benefits of papaya roots
To de-worming, use 10 grams of dried papaya roots, 1 g garlic, and water 100 ml. Material is cut into pieces, then boiled with water for 15 minutes, filtered. If necessary, add boiled water in order to obtain the results of the filter 75 ml.

- As a pick-me-up, take two pieces of roots and leaves of the papaya. Both ingredients are finely ground, then boiled with a liter of water until boiling, then strain. If necessary, combine honey or ginger to taste more fresh.
- To prevent the risk of kidney stones, take three pieces of the roots of papaya, then boiled with a liter of water until boiling, then strain. Once cool, mix with a little honey, then drink.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Savor the roots of the earth peg

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Problems vitality for men is often a cause of lack of harmony of domestic life. Especially for men who have extra busy in the pursuit of performance. No doubt the house is really a place to rest alone. Caused by fatigue after working all day.

Disease lackluster for a man can be overcome with various drugs. But consumers often worry about the side effects of drug use processed Bridge Synthetic Chemistry. Traditional herb became the perfect alternative. In this case the root was the owner of the earth peg.

Earth pegs have been well known in the earth of Borneo since time immemorial as a tonic for the adam. Plant latin name Eurycoma Longifolia is thriving in the interior forests of Borneo. In the neighboring country (Malaysia) pegs the Earth known as Tongkat Ali.

Roots pegs earth by the Dayak (Borneo tribal) are also believed to have a variety of benefits. From the first until now maintained that belief as an ancestral heritage.

This is confirmed by various kinds of research that reveals the content of the roots of the earth peg. The content of ethanolic extracts in the pegs of the earth to increase the amount of male hormone testosterone. Ethanolic stimulating hormone chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to help the formation of testosterone.

Plant roots also contain brusin earth peg and a nutritious strichnin add vitality to men because it is afrodisiaka. That is a traditional herb that is claimed to stimulate the libido.

Based on research, plant-derived compounds afrodisiaka contain saponins, alkaloids, tannins, and other compounds that can physiologically blood circulation in the central nervous system or peripheral blood circulation. The effect is to increase blood circulation to the male genitalia.

But new research conducted at this stage afrodisiaka content. Not until the effectiveness afrodisiaka to treatment of erectile dysfunction. But afrodisiaka relatively safer than chemical drugs. For the hose and the muck, does not force such as chemical drugs.

Savor the earth peg roots apparently not only limited to these. Roots are also able to peg the earth treat malaria. Because the roots of the earth peg erikomanon contained a powerful compound to treat malaria. While kuasinoid compound on earth peg roots can paralyze falcifarum plasmodium. That is the bacteria that live in the body Anopeles Female mosquitoes cause malaria. Keep in mind, Praise be to Allaah plasmodium that enter the human body can damage and destroy red blood cells.

Besides as enhancing the vitality of men and antimalarial, pegs the earth turns out to also prevent the attack of cancer. Kuasinoid and alkaloid compounds contained in the earth peg proved to inhibit cancer cell growth according to a study conducted by Abdul Razak Mohd Ali from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. As many as 8 alkaloid found in the roots of the earth pegs, one 9-methoxycanthin 6 which serves as an anticancer breast.

Research conducted by the Department pf Pharmacognocy, Tokyo College of Pharmacy & the Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University, Japan. Menemuka antileukimia from peg earth compounds. Besides aphrodisiac, anticancer, antimalarial, and antileukimia, pegs the earth is also useful to boost immunity to HIV sufferers.

Earth pegs usually consumed traditionally, by drinking water from the boiled roots of the Earth pegs for about ten hours. Then boiled water cooled to obtain the active ingredients they contain and consumed regularly. But according to some pegs circles the Earth is very good if taken in powdered form rather than traditional.

Huge benefits from the pegs of the earth does not necessarily reserved only for the men. The weather was very encouraged to consume the earth peg root extract .. Moreover, women who have a very high workload

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Benefit of pomegranates

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The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima
During pregnancy, I ate a lot of pomegranates . many vital elements. trying to read the extracts below.

Benefits of Pomegranate "It is He who sends down rain .. we are out of the green plants, we bring forth the grain crops (fruits) of group and the date palms (palm) of thinly-sheathed (we remove) fresh fruit bunches, which is easily reached and plucked and (We made) gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates, the same (shape, appearance and taste) are not equivalent. Look at their fruits when they bear fruit and ripen. Surely, there are signs (showing the power of Us) for those who believe. "- Al-An'am: 99
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

Pomegranate or ar-Rumman in Arabic is called three times in the Quran. It is among the trees in Paradise. Now pomegranates grown from as far as China until California.
Among the advantages is that its internal structure. When the skin is shiny fruit peel, would seem a small bag bag juicy-fresh, sweet sour taste.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

In many cultures, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and long life. The Chinese for example, presents at the marriage ceremony because he was considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity and a great descent.
In the days of Moses, the pomegranate has been cultivated in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon da. Rimmon, the ancient city of Hebron, said the city now famous for the production of diamond or Rumman, in his honor.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima
Plantation name Punica granatum pomegranate is derived from the French meaning kekata apple seeds.
Pomegranate is believed to come from Iran, the ranges of the Himalayas and northern India. It was developed as a coastal cuisine and cultivated in the Mediterranean, adapted to the cold and hot temperatures. Pomegranate trees grow like bushes or trees 3-6 meters tall normal, or sometimes 9 meters. Usually the leaves fall, but some areas are, essentially constant fresh.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

Its fruits began to decrease after age 15. However, a pomegranate tree lasts for 200 years. The flowers are purple, white or a mixture of dichromatic. It is used as a red dye that has been used for centuries in Central Asia. The leaves are shiny and a strong shield-shaped. Great color and interest recorded in the meaning the word of God Almighty.

The advantage is that the composition of the pomegranate fruit is reinforced by a poultice of maintaining the quality of the fruit skin for up to six months. Pomegranates may be fruitful between one year and three years after planting. Far East market is the major destination of trade rubies. High nutritional value is rich in sodium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C, calcium and forsforus. It also sejenia bidder because of the high antioxidant content of heart disease, cancer and old fast. Dried pomegranate seeds are used for the native cuisine of North India. The seed is the substitution of raisins for baking ingredients.

In Greece and homeopathic medicine, pomegranate to treat diarrhea, ear pain, blurred vision, sore gums, and less primitive pengahadhaman.

(From the book Plants Of The Quran by Dr MIH Farooqi)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya

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Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret
Who does not know with papaya? this one fruit is the fruit of much interest to most people. The fruit that comes from this tropical region has a sweet fruit flavor when ripe. Papaya trees belonging to multifunctional plants, almost all parts of plants can be utilized.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Papaya (carica papaya) is a trunked plants that resemble palm upright and wet, white flowers and ripe fruit is reddish yellow, very sweet taste when ripe.

The leaves are cooked as vegetables or fresh vegetables are also mixed into drugs, papaya fruit seed used as worm medicine, the young fruit salad can be made, whereas the old and mature made sweets, dodol or eaten in a fresh condition.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Behind the delicacy of the fruit, papaya trees apparently had something that has value and high economic order. Stems, leaves and fruits like papaya milk contains white latex (milky white latex) containing protein or a proteolytic enzyme known as papain. This enzyme is widely used in various industrial activities, such as the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal, cosmetic, textile, leather tanning and more. If the comparison between stem sap, leaves and fruit, sap from the fruit is the most quality.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

The content of papaya latex
The main content of papaya latex is an enzyme - protease enzymes (papain and degrading protein that is kimopapain. Concentration of papain and papaya kimopapain in a row 10% and 45%. Both of these enzymes have the ability to describe the bonds in the protein melekul so that the protein breaks down into polypeptides and dipeptide.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret
Also contained in the sap of unripe papaya for more than 50 amino acids, including aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysin, arginin, tritophan, and cysteine . These substances are useful in the cosmetic industry raw material to smooth the skin, strengthens the network to be more chewy, and keep the teeth from plaque accumulation.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Benefits / Applications

1. Serves as a tenderizer papain / pengempukan meat.
2. As the active ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations such as indigestion medicine, dispesia, and worm medicine.
3. In order to surgically papain could be used as a drug controlling edema and imflamasi.
4. While for the cosmetics, which are widely used today is the active ingredient for creams, skin cleansing to face, cope with broken foot on the heel, smooth the skin, strengthen the network to be more supple. Therefore, papain is able to dissolve the dead cells attached to the skin and despite difficult physically. Stains and spots on the face can be erased by papain to be smooth and clean.
5. Used as an ingredient papain toothpaste maker, because it can clean up any leftover food stuck in teeth.
6. Perenyah material on the making of pastries such as crackers.
7. Penggumpal material on the making of cheese milk.
8. Glatin solvents, washer and lens materials.
9. Efficacious as an antitumor and cancer. This is because more than 50 amino acids contained in them.

There are several advantages in the use of enzyme papain to this, which is not toxic in nature, no reaction aside, there's no changing the pressure, temperature and pH are drastic, and at low concentrations could have functioned well.

Commercial Forms
Currently, the sap contained in the raw papaya leaf and fruit is extracted to be used as raw meat mixture pengempuk commercially in the form of flour. Flour can be packaged as seasoning packaging (plastic packaging) or bottled, and after it is labeled as pengempuk meat can be sold in the market.

The potential market is big enough for pengempuk flesh in the form of yet more circulating in the market. Papaya latex that has been made of flour did not reduce the activity of the enzyme papain and can digunakana practically anywhere. Making technology simple so it can be made as appropriate technology, and can also be used commercially. We can find papaya latex powder in the form of packaging as pengempuk meat in the super market or store chemicals.

Making Gum Powder Papaya
1. Papain was obtained through wiretapping papaya latex at least 3 months old. Sap-making can be done several times during the fruit is young and contains a lot of sap.
2. Then the sap is dried or dried at a temperature of 60-70 ° C for 12 hours. During the drying or drying, sap and environmental hygiene to rigorously maintained.
3. Once dried, then crushed and sieved to obtain fine powder, as fine flour or rice flour.

Nb: In order to produce flour with a good quality latex can be used in spray dryer technology or freeze drying.

Storage papain international standard form of primary packaging in plastic and cans as packaging vacuum secondary. Layered security that prevents oxidation which lowers the value of proteolytic activity. Pengempuk diverse industries such as meat, soap, cosmetics, and beverages using papain maximum of six months, when the value of proteolytic stability.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Secrets of Bananas

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Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit
In addition to delicious food, bananas have their own usefulness to kesihatan. Between efficacy banana:


Bananas are the most efficacious food is said to disease constipation.

Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefitSecrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit


For high blood penghidap, elegant, a banana. He womb 'potassium' very high useful for those who perform low-salt diet.

Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefitSecrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit


'Cilium' on the banana function to maintain the water balance of the body, normal blood pressure, heart function and muscle work.


Protein 'trypotophan', a type of protein that can be changed by the body to 'serotonin' which is owned by a banana, can make someone's feelings became calmer and happier. 'Potassium' is also able to make the throbbing heart became more stable, so the oxygen flow to the brain remain stable.

Subtract nausea

Pregnant women are often beautiful morning sickness eat bananas. Sugar content so high originally contained in the banana may keep blood sugar levels thus reducing nausea.

Banana Skin

Acne scars or very bad, even more so when a black scar. Do not think pa types, provided the black (including grated measles) took the gold banana skin and brush her. Make an impression every day until it is gone. Insha-Allah, the results are satisfactory. In addition, the skin becomes slippery if you diligently mengamalkannya.


Hypertension and stroke - bananas help lower high blood pressure high kerana potasiumnya content.

Cholesterol - low bananas in terms of calories of fat, sodium which helps lowers cholesterol.

Sediment-ass - potassium and magnesium contained in the banana is very appropriate care for people suffering from diarrhea-ass.

Anaemia - is anemia anemias. Kerana banana rich with iron, it may stimulate income hemoglobin in the blood.

Moodiness - people who are depressed more quickly cheerful when eating a banana. Kerana content of this type of protein that help us to be quiet.

Dizzy-dizzy - the fastest way of treating a sense of giddy-giddy with drink milk is hilarious banana (banana milkshakes) are mixed with honey. This drink is not even tasty treat too simple.

CAUTION: Even though bananas good for kesihatan and help care for certain diseases, he nevertheless is not appropriate for pesakit diabetes. This kerana sugar content in bananas is high. There are 25 grams of sugar per 126 grams of bananas (19.85%)

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