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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nutmeg Fruit Secrets

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Nutmeg Fruit Secrets
Indonesia has a variety of crops that the target of the invaders. One of them, nutmeg. Nutmeg originated in Indonesia, the famous island of Banda Naira. Banda Naira, the islands in eastern Indonesia is a producer of nutmeg in the world. On the island that had become a place of exile of two national leaders, Bung Hatta and Sjahrir, can be said to be the history of Indonesia begins (read and watch video on From Banda, Indonesia Beginning).

Nutmeg is known as a fruit that is used to add taste, keeping the meat stay good in a long time if smeared nutmeg before it is stored, to the general, nutmeg was known as a flavoring or a natural preservative. However, in reality, nutmeg save other property, both for beauty, health, and tranquilizers. What are the benefits that can be utilized human head?

Removal of acne blemishes on the face
Eliminate acne that began to grow in the following way, mix a little nutmeg that has been pounded with milk whole milk to form a paste. Apply on the face of trouble, let stand a few minutes, then wash face as usual.

Why this mix good for the skin, according to Ranella Hirsch, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine, nutmeg has anti-inflammatory effect, while the milk is rich in protein and vitamins soothe the skin.

Abdominal pain relievers
Nutmeg was known since ancient times as a natural remedy to overcome digestive disorders, diarrhea, and bloating. Essential oils and other natural chemicals that are in these fruits help smooth the digestive tract.

To help digestive problems, sprinkle a little, no more than half a teaspoon in a bowl of oatmeal breakfast every day for 2 weeks.

Help sleep
If you have a problem to bed, pour a glass of warm milk and a little nutmeg powder. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that turns into serotonin in the body, while nutmeg helps serotonin last longer, so the explanation of Michael Murray, ND, author of The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods.

Toothache relief
For those who never feel the pain of teeth, must have felt a topical medicine physician on the teeth. It was spicy like nutmeg. Yes, because the fruit of nutmeg it has long been used to relieve toothaches and inflamed gums. "Try pijatkan one or two drops of oil of nutmeg on the gums if it feels sore or inflamed," suggested Sara Snow, author Sara Snow's Fresh Living. Additionally, substances in nutmeg oil helps fight bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities.


Friday, January 14, 2011

The Benefit of Guava Leaves

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The Benefit of Guava LeavesGuava has a taste much sweeter than guava Bangkok. The number of seeds that many fans are reluctant to make direct chew this guava fruit. Therefore guava fruit is often made with red Guava juice is believed to have properties to increase endurance for patients with dengue fever.

Special leaves of guava, studies that have been done generally usefulness as ainti diarrhea. In addition, Guava has efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-microbial and analgesic. Beberepa chemical compounds contained in guava, among others, polyphenols, carotene, flavonoids and tannins. With the birth of the compound was estimated guava leaf also has a strong antioxidant activity of efficacy in treating various diseases, says Susi Indariani, researcher of medicinal Study Center Institute for Research and Community Empowerment Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

Susie Indariani then doing research efficacy of guava leaves as an antioxidant. The study, he gave the title Antioxidant Activity Test Guava Leaf Extract (Psidium guajava L) aims to determine the antioxidant aktibitas guava leaf extract as well as compare the antioxidant potential of several types of local Guava Leaf in order to obtain local Guava leaf types that have the best antioxidant potential.

â € œDalam research I did several tests that test the antioxidant activity chemically with thiocyanate method, testing of chemical antioxidants ektivitas tiobarbiturik method (TBA), and analysis of physics, chemistry and microbiology selected extracts. Susie uses raw materials of local red guava leaf and guava local putil obtained by collecting from a tree that grows in the garden-courtyard house in the area Bantar Goat Bogor. The leaves are dried before the analysis first.

As a result, the test using the thiocyanate method, white guava leaf extract has a local protective factor (protection capabilities) approached the vitamin E or tocopherol is equal to 1.10. Tocopherol itself has a protective factor of 1:16. While the red guava leaf lower protective factor that is less than 1. In pegujian using TBA method, the ethanol extract of guava leaves can inhibit local white lipid oxidation to 94.19% of the control that was not given the antioxidant. This means that the leaves of guava seeds proved to have antioxidant capabilities. Susi also examine the content of local white guava leaf. Phytochemical test results showed guava leaf extract compounds contained in the extract are tannins, phenols, flavonoids, quinones, and steroids. Regarding the active compounds that have activity aktioksidan Susie said, â €? Need to research more about it.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Benefits Sambiloto

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Benefits SambilotoDuring this time many people who use the leaves of bitter herbs for the ingredients. And many who sell them ranging from MBO 'selling medicinal herbs that pole, which hung, until the manufacturer that sells herbs with modern packaging.

Sambiloto is typical of tropical plants, and can grow dipekarangan home, but now there are many people who provide land for planting this plant for later processing.

There are so many benefits from this bitter leaves, such as to treat diabetes or diabetes, typhoid, and some are saying bitter leaf can also be itching for the disease and prevent cancer, perhaps because the bitter taste characteristic of this leaf. But that has been widely used and recognized the efficacy of these leaves is to prevent malaria because the leaves are also called anti-malarial drugs.

Beside that, the leaves are also useful to maintain endurance or stamina. Maybe that's why the leaves are widely used for medicinal godokan.

For typhoid usually bitter leaf added with turmeric and ginger then boiled and drunk rebususannya water 3x a day until healed suffering from typhoid fever. As for diabetes better bitter leaf is eaten or chewed directly in the state are still fresh.

Those are some of the many benefits of bitter leaf, the usefulness of typical tropical leaf is also already started to be used abroad other than in Indonesia, such as some European countries and America, but to foreign countries, State of the most widely used for treatment of bitter leaf is India. But who or country where the patent holder bitter leaf is not known, but Indonesia has been since the first use of this leaf material for the manufacture of herbal health ingredients and original recipes of our ancestors passed on from generation to generation.

Is a prescription and herbal concoction is already on the right of patented? I do not know. But I am worried about the fate of the recipe is the same bitter leaf herbs such as turmeric plant patent is taken Japan because we pemerintajh menghakpatenkan late, when turmeric is one of the plants native to Indonesia.

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