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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Usefulness of Noni Fruit

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Usefulness of Noni Fruit Noni Fruit Mengkudu Buah Mengkudu
Noni fruit (Buah Mengkudu, Indonesia)  has long been used by the ancestors of our nation as a drug. Researchers in developed countries managed to unload the properties of the fruits of this ugly. Noni apparently has many benefits for health and beauty. Bumpy fruit and smell fantastic .. to shine! But this fruit acts as a nutritious fruit.
Usefulness of Noni Fruit Noni Fruit Mengkudu Buah MengkuduUsefulness of Noni Fruit Noni Fruit Mengkudu Buah Mengkudu

Through his creation of this one, God as if he wanted to teach us not be fooled on one's physical appearance, before knowing exactly the potential and quality contained therein.

Noni fruit contains twelve active substances efficacious treatment. Among them are called Anthraguinone and Scopoletin active as antimicrobial, so it is important in overcoming inflammation and allergies. Active component contained in the noni fruit also play a role in rejuvenating body cells and prevents the development of cancer cells.
Usefulness of Noni Fruit Noni Fruit Mengkudu Buah MengkuduUsefulness of Noni Fruit Noni Fruit Mengkudu Buah Mengkudu

In addition, noni juice also helps Xeronine availability in the body. This enzyme is needed in every activity of human metabolism. That is why this fruit can assist the work of thyroid and thymus glands, thus strengthening the immune system and also useful as adaptogens, which is working to align the cells in the human body. This enzyme contained in the noni fruit in the form of compounds Proxeronine.
In a publication entitled "Liquid Island Noni," Dr. Neil Solomon documents the results of clinical studies involving 8000 patients who had been given a medical doctor under the supervision of Morinda citrifolia.
These doctors monitor the effectiveness of noni in treating the more than 20 health problems, from arthritis to cancer. In the experiment reported that as many as 79% of patients experienced improved or cured condition as a result after taking noni.

Population of Central Java and East Java known as Pace, while the population of West Java called Cangkudu, and in the language of Malays in Indonesia and Malaysia, people know him as Noni.
In Hawaii, the fruit is known as Noni, and local physicians use it as a powerful traditional medicine, while in America known as Pain Killer Tree, because it can dispel the pain. Population in Rural Areas at various places in Indonesia have also already use it as a worm medicine, cough medicine, or high blood.
When examined again, how sophisticated the ancestral Indonesian nation in all corners of the archipelago that have been previously used Noni to treat diarrhea, intestinal worms, as well as to reduce high blood pressure. They know the properties of Noni based on instinct, without first examining its components.

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