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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Benefit of pomegranates

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The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima
During pregnancy, I ate a lot of pomegranates . many vital elements. trying to read the extracts below.

Benefits of Pomegranate "It is He who sends down rain .. we are out of the green plants, we bring forth the grain crops (fruits) of group and the date palms (palm) of thinly-sheathed (we remove) fresh fruit bunches, which is easily reached and plucked and (We made) gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates, the same (shape, appearance and taste) are not equivalent. Look at their fruits when they bear fruit and ripen. Surely, there are signs (showing the power of Us) for those who believe. "- Al-An'am: 99
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

Pomegranate or ar-Rumman in Arabic is called three times in the Quran. It is among the trees in Paradise. Now pomegranates grown from as far as China until California.
Among the advantages is that its internal structure. When the skin is shiny fruit peel, would seem a small bag bag juicy-fresh, sweet sour taste.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

In many cultures, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and long life. The Chinese for example, presents at the marriage ceremony because he was considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity and a great descent.
In the days of Moses, the pomegranate has been cultivated in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon da. Rimmon, the ancient city of Hebron, said the city now famous for the production of diamond or Rumman, in his honor.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima
Plantation name Punica granatum pomegranate is derived from the French meaning kekata apple seeds.
Pomegranate is believed to come from Iran, the ranges of the Himalayas and northern India. It was developed as a coastal cuisine and cultivated in the Mediterranean, adapted to the cold and hot temperatures. Pomegranate trees grow like bushes or trees 3-6 meters tall normal, or sometimes 9 meters. Usually the leaves fall, but some areas are, essentially constant fresh.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

Its fruits began to decrease after age 15. However, a pomegranate tree lasts for 200 years. The flowers are purple, white or a mixture of dichromatic. It is used as a red dye that has been used for centuries in Central Asia. The leaves are shiny and a strong shield-shaped. Great color and interest recorded in the meaning the word of God Almighty.

The advantage is that the composition of the pomegranate fruit is reinforced by a poultice of maintaining the quality of the fruit skin for up to six months. Pomegranates may be fruitful between one year and three years after planting. Far East market is the major destination of trade rubies. High nutritional value is rich in sodium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C, calcium and forsforus. It also sejenia bidder because of the high antioxidant content of heart disease, cancer and old fast. Dried pomegranate seeds are used for the native cuisine of North India. The seed is the substitution of raisins for baking ingredients.

In Greece and homeopathic medicine, pomegranate to treat diarrhea, ear pain, blurred vision, sore gums, and less primitive pengahadhaman.

(From the book Plants Of The Quran by Dr MIH Farooqi)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya

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Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret
Who does not know with papaya? this one fruit is the fruit of much interest to most people. The fruit that comes from this tropical region has a sweet fruit flavor when ripe. Papaya trees belonging to multifunctional plants, almost all parts of plants can be utilized.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Papaya (carica papaya) is a trunked plants that resemble palm upright and wet, white flowers and ripe fruit is reddish yellow, very sweet taste when ripe.

The leaves are cooked as vegetables or fresh vegetables are also mixed into drugs, papaya fruit seed used as worm medicine, the young fruit salad can be made, whereas the old and mature made sweets, dodol or eaten in a fresh condition.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Behind the delicacy of the fruit, papaya trees apparently had something that has value and high economic order. Stems, leaves and fruits like papaya milk contains white latex (milky white latex) containing protein or a proteolytic enzyme known as papain. This enzyme is widely used in various industrial activities, such as the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal, cosmetic, textile, leather tanning and more. If the comparison between stem sap, leaves and fruit, sap from the fruit is the most quality.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

The content of papaya latex
The main content of papaya latex is an enzyme - protease enzymes (papain and degrading protein that is kimopapain. Concentration of papain and papaya kimopapain in a row 10% and 45%. Both of these enzymes have the ability to describe the bonds in the protein melekul so that the protein breaks down into polypeptides and dipeptide.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret
Also contained in the sap of unripe papaya for more than 50 amino acids, including aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysin, arginin, tritophan, and cysteine . These substances are useful in the cosmetic industry raw material to smooth the skin, strengthens the network to be more chewy, and keep the teeth from plaque accumulation.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Benefits / Applications

1. Serves as a tenderizer papain / pengempukan meat.
2. As the active ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations such as indigestion medicine, dispesia, and worm medicine.
3. In order to surgically papain could be used as a drug controlling edema and imflamasi.
4. While for the cosmetics, which are widely used today is the active ingredient for creams, skin cleansing to face, cope with broken foot on the heel, smooth the skin, strengthen the network to be more supple. Therefore, papain is able to dissolve the dead cells attached to the skin and despite difficult physically. Stains and spots on the face can be erased by papain to be smooth and clean.
5. Used as an ingredient papain toothpaste maker, because it can clean up any leftover food stuck in teeth.
6. Perenyah material on the making of pastries such as crackers.
7. Penggumpal material on the making of cheese milk.
8. Glatin solvents, washer and lens materials.
9. Efficacious as an antitumor and cancer. This is because more than 50 amino acids contained in them.

There are several advantages in the use of enzyme papain to this, which is not toxic in nature, no reaction aside, there's no changing the pressure, temperature and pH are drastic, and at low concentrations could have functioned well.

Commercial Forms
Currently, the sap contained in the raw papaya leaf and fruit is extracted to be used as raw meat mixture pengempuk commercially in the form of flour. Flour can be packaged as seasoning packaging (plastic packaging) or bottled, and after it is labeled as pengempuk meat can be sold in the market.

The potential market is big enough for pengempuk flesh in the form of yet more circulating in the market. Papaya latex that has been made of flour did not reduce the activity of the enzyme papain and can digunakana practically anywhere. Making technology simple so it can be made as appropriate technology, and can also be used commercially. We can find papaya latex powder in the form of packaging as pengempuk meat in the super market or store chemicals.

Making Gum Powder Papaya
1. Papain was obtained through wiretapping papaya latex at least 3 months old. Sap-making can be done several times during the fruit is young and contains a lot of sap.
2. Then the sap is dried or dried at a temperature of 60-70 ° C for 12 hours. During the drying or drying, sap and environmental hygiene to rigorously maintained.
3. Once dried, then crushed and sieved to obtain fine powder, as fine flour or rice flour.

Nb: In order to produce flour with a good quality latex can be used in spray dryer technology or freeze drying.

Storage papain international standard form of primary packaging in plastic and cans as packaging vacuum secondary. Layered security that prevents oxidation which lowers the value of proteolytic activity. Pengempuk diverse industries such as meat, soap, cosmetics, and beverages using papain maximum of six months, when the value of proteolytic stability.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Secrets of Bananas

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Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit
In addition to delicious food, bananas have their own usefulness to kesihatan. Between efficacy banana:


Bananas are the most efficacious food is said to disease constipation.

Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefitSecrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit


For high blood penghidap, elegant, a banana. He womb 'potassium' very high useful for those who perform low-salt diet.

Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefitSecrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit


'Cilium' on the banana function to maintain the water balance of the body, normal blood pressure, heart function and muscle work.


Protein 'trypotophan', a type of protein that can be changed by the body to 'serotonin' which is owned by a banana, can make someone's feelings became calmer and happier. 'Potassium' is also able to make the throbbing heart became more stable, so the oxygen flow to the brain remain stable.

Subtract nausea

Pregnant women are often beautiful morning sickness eat bananas. Sugar content so high originally contained in the banana may keep blood sugar levels thus reducing nausea.

Banana Skin

Acne scars or very bad, even more so when a black scar. Do not think pa types, provided the black (including grated measles) took the gold banana skin and brush her. Make an impression every day until it is gone. Insha-Allah, the results are satisfactory. In addition, the skin becomes slippery if you diligently mengamalkannya.


Hypertension and stroke - bananas help lower high blood pressure high kerana potasiumnya content.

Cholesterol - low bananas in terms of calories of fat, sodium which helps lowers cholesterol.

Sediment-ass - potassium and magnesium contained in the banana is very appropriate care for people suffering from diarrhea-ass.

Anaemia - is anemia anemias. Kerana banana rich with iron, it may stimulate income hemoglobin in the blood.

Moodiness - people who are depressed more quickly cheerful when eating a banana. Kerana content of this type of protein that help us to be quiet.

Dizzy-dizzy - the fastest way of treating a sense of giddy-giddy with drink milk is hilarious banana (banana milkshakes) are mixed with honey. This drink is not even tasty treat too simple.

CAUTION: Even though bananas good for kesihatan and help care for certain diseases, he nevertheless is not appropriate for pesakit diabetes. This kerana sugar content in bananas is high. There are 25 grams of sugar per 126 grams of bananas (19.85%)

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Friday, September 10, 2010

the secret of tomatoes seeds

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the secret of tomatoes seeds tomatoes tomato seeds herbal
Eat tomatoes without removing the seeds, because of slippery fluid that wraps yellow tomato seeds contain a potent compound against stroke and heart attack.

the secret of tomatoes seeds tomatoes tomato seeds herbalthe secret of tomatoes seeds tomatoes tomato seeds herbal

By eating tomatoes with seeds and means we have reduced the risk of blood clots that cause heart attacks.

the secret of tomatoes seeds tomatoes tomato seeds herbalthe secret of tomatoes seeds tomatoes tomato seeds herbal

Monday, September 6, 2010

Soursop Fruit, Healthy Cancer Killer

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Soursop Fruit Healthy Cancer Killer Buah Sirsak Graviola
Graviola is a fruit from the tree of natural killer cells that magic cancer with 10,000 times more powerful than the chemo therapy.

But why do we not know?

Soursop Fruit Healthy Cancer Killer Buah Sirsak GraviolaSoursop Fruit Healthy Cancer Killer Buah Sirsak Graviola

Because one company's research findings about the secretive world this is a rapat2nya, they want the research funds spent very large, for many years, can come back earlier gains plus abundant with how to make Synthetic Graviola tree as raw material for medicine and medicine djual World outlets.

Soursop Fruit Healthy Cancer Killer Buah Sirsak GraviolaSoursop Fruit Healthy Cancer Killer Buah Sirsak Graviola

Concern, several people died sia2, tragic, because the malignancy of cancer, while the giant companies, the drug maker with a turnover of billions of dollars to close rapat2 Graviola tree this magic secret.

Low tree, in Brazil named Graviola, in Spain Guanabana Soursop English. In Indonesia, yes Sirsak.Buahnya rather large fruit, prickly skin soft, white flesh, it manis2 sour / acid, eaten by opening the skin or created juice.

Usefulness of the fruit soursop gives the effect of anti-tumor / cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all cancers. In addition to curing cancer, soursop fruit also acts as anti bacterial, anti-fungus (fungi), effective against various types of parasites / worms, lowers high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system back unfavorable.

One example of how important the existence of a Health Sciences Institute is orang2 American Institute unmasked the secret of this miraculous fruit. The astonishing fact is: Deep in the interior of the Amazon forest, to grow? Tree magic, that will change your way of thinking, your doctor, and the world about the healing process of cancer and hope to survive. No one can promise more than this, for masa2 the future.

Research has proven that magical tree and its fruit can be: Attacking cancer cells effektive safely and naturally, WITHOUT nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened on chemo therapy.
Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections.

Patients feel stronger, more healthy during the process of treatment / recovery.
Increased energy and improved physical appearance.

The source of this shocking news comes from one of America's largest drug manufacturer. Graviola fruit in-test in more than 20 laboratories, since the 1970s until a few years berikutnya.Hasil Test of the extract (essence) of this fruit are:

    * Effectively selecting a target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including cancers: colon, breast, prostate, Paru2, and Pancreas.
    * Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamycin and the commonly used Chemo Therapy!
    * Unlike chemo therapy, this juice is selectif only hunt down and kill the evil and NOT jeopardize sel2 / kill sel2 healthy!

Research has been carried out extensively in this magical tree, over the years but why we do not know apa2 about this?

The answer is: So easy to our health, our lives, are controlled by having money and power!
One of the largest drug companies in America with a turnover of billions of dollars researching extraordinary Graviola tree that grows in the Amazon jungle ini.Ternyata some parts of this tree: bark, roots, leaves, fruit flesh and seeds, for centuries to cure for Indian tribes in South America to treat: heart disease, asthma, liver problems (heart) and arthritis. With scientific bukti2 were minimal, the company disbursed funds and Human Resources very large in order to carry out research and various tests. The results are astonishing. Graviola is scientifically proven as a cancer cell killing machine!

But the story of Graviola nearly ended here. Why?
Under the Federal Undang2, source natural ingredients for the drug NO / CAN NOT patentable.

Companies facing a big problem, try very hard with enormous costs to make sinthesa / cloning of Graviola is to be patented so that the funds expended for Research and Test Various able to return, and even a large profit. But this business does not berhasil.Graviola could not cloned. Company bite the fingers after removing billions of dollars to fund various Research and Test.

When a dream to get a big advantage to angsur2 faded, research and test activities are also stopped. Worse yet, the company closed the project and decided NOT to publish the results of this research.

Fortunately, there was one scientist from the Research Team can not bear to see these atrocities occurred. By sacrificing his career, he contacted a company that used to collect natural bahan2 of the Amazon forest for the manufacture of drugs.

When the experts of the Health Sciences Research Institute at the news miracle Graviola, they began to do research. The results were startling. Graviola tree proved to be an effective cancer cell killer.

The National Cancer Institute started its first scientific research in 1976. The results prove that Graviola leaf and stem wood is able to attack and destroy the evil sel2 cancer. Unfortunately, these results only for internal purposes and are not published.

Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be a cancer cell killer extraordinary experiments performed by 20 different laboratories Independence.

A study published by the Journal of Natural Products that a study conducted by Catholic University in South Korea, said that one of the chemical elements contained in the Graviola, able to select, differentiate and kill colon cancer cells by 10 000 times more powerful than with adriamycin and Chemo Therapy!

The most striking discovery from Catholic University in this study are:
Graviola can select memillih evil and kill cancer cells only, whereas the healthy cells untouched / disturbed. Graviola unlike chemo therapy which can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, then sel2 reproduction (such as stomach and hair) was killed down by Chemo Therapy, causing negative effects: nausea and hair loss.

A study at Purdue University show that the Graviola leaves are capable of killing cancer cells effectively, particularly cancer cells: Prostate, Pancreas, and Paru2.

After for more than seven years there was no news about Graviola, finally broke the news of this miracle is also, by information from TSB Lembaga2 above.

Limited supply of Graviola extract is cultivated and harvested by indigenous orang2 Brazil, can now be obtained in America.

The full story about Graviola, which acquired it, and how to use it, can be found in Beyond chemotherapy: New Cancer Killers, Safe as Mother's milk, as a special free bonus issue of Health Sciences Institute.

Now you know the benefits of the fruit of this extraordinary soursop. Manis2 sour taste refreshing. Healthy Fruit 100% natural without any side effects. Spread the good news to expand the family, relatives, friends, and friends who you love.

So, since you know it now Can you help a friend in need by letting him "Some know or just sour sop juice drinks yourself as prevention from time to time. The taste is not bad after all. It's completely natural and definitely has no side effects. If you have the space, plant one in your garden. The other parts of the tree are Also useful.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Secret of lote Leaves

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Secret of lote Leaves lote leaves Daun Bidara Bidara Rahasia Daun Bidara
Lote leaves usefulness not only used to bathe the corpse, a man who had converted to Islam or just a bath after menstruation. In addition lote leaves also have a secret, that is, property to meyembuhkan various diseases including, diabetes, diarrhea, and malaria.

Secret of lote Leaves lote leaves Daun Bidara Bidara Rahasia Daun BidaraSecret of lote Leaves lote leaves Daun Bidara Bidara Rahasia Daun Bidara

In addition lote leaves are also very effective to help cure diseases because the genie disorders. Wahab bin Munabih cleric advised to use the seven pieces of the crushed leaves lote. Then dissolved in water and recited verses Chair, Al Kafirun letter, Al Ikhlas, al Falaq and An Nas (Can be read any other verse of the Qur'an). Then used for bathing or drinking. (See Mushannaf Ma'mar bin Rashid 11/13).

Secret of lote Leaves lote leaves Daun Bidara Bidara Rahasia Daun Bidara

In the readings on how to deal with black magic or witchcraft according to Islamic teachings, there a lot mentioned about the use of leaf lote. Mentioned seven lote leaves should be crushed or mashed until really smooth, and given water. Lote leaf water needs to be recited verses ruqyah like Al Fatiha, Section Chair, Al Kafirun, Al-Ikhlas, al Falaq and An Nas and special prayers. The water is then drunk and the waste is mixed into the water bath for washed / diguyurkan throughout the body.

Latin name for the tree lote (Sidr) is Zizyphus spinachristi although in the article Airways of treating sihr English are always mentioned the term "green lotus leaves", proved popular name for the species of this plant is Crhist's Thorn, Christ's Thorn jujube, Syirian Christ's Thorn, or Arabian jujube.

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