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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Benefits Moringa oleifera (Kelor) For Traditional Medicine

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Moringa oleiferam moringa Kelor
As traditional medicine, may be there are many of us  are not yet familiar with Moringa. Although this crop is very famous in proverb "The world is not as wide as Moringa leaves!" Mature (Moringa oleifera) is known by the name or barunggai murong. Meanwhile, in Sulawesi, called squint, Wori, Kélo, or keloro.

In addition to the famous saying goes that, apparently Moringa plant is beneficial and nutritious as traditional medicine, as they contain some chemical substances to cure disease. Moringa leaves contain alkalid moringin, moringinan, and pterigospermin.
Moringa oleiferam moringa KelorMoringa oleiferam moringa Kelor

Then GOM contains arabinose, galaktan, gluconic acid, and ramnosa, while the seed contains palmitic acid, streaat, linoleic, olleat, lignoserat.

Moringa form a small tree with a height of 3-8 meters. The leaves are pale green, pinnate pinnate leaf double with child's odd and leaf blade ovate. Moringa flower panicles form a leaf out of the armpits, while the fruit hangs over a row of 20-45 cm and its contents round seeds, but a three winged.

So far, the Moringa plant roots peluruh efficacious as urine, sputum peluruh, or cough medicine, peluruh menstruation, appetite enhancer, and reliever seizures.

Moringa leaves contain pterigospermin which is stimulating the skin (rubifasien) so often used as a param which warms and heals the weakness of the body such as hands or feet. If fresh leaves are crushed, and then massaged into the body is weak, it can relieve pain due to be analgesic. In addition, Moringa leaves as a facilitator nutritious milk (Galata Gog). Therefore, to facilitate breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat and Moringa is cooked.

Moringa seeds nutritious overcome vomiting. Moringa seeds are ripe and dry pterigospermin contain a more concentrated until the character germisida.

Madsen and Dchlundt research results and Grabow et al showed that Moringa oleifera seed powder can suppress the bacteria Escherichia coli, Streptococcus faecalis and Salmonella typymurium. Because it was in Africa, Moringa seed is used to detect water contamination by this bacteria. Way, namely with the precipitate which is polluted by muddy water, then sprinkled with powder of Moringa oleifera seed as much as 200 mg / liter and stirred until dissolved.

Then the fruits of Moringa oleifera is known to contain alkaloids that are morongiona stimulates digestion. Moringa fruit is usually disayur acid as a tasty vegetable for the tongue of the Javanese.

However, among the many parts of the Moringa plants used as traditional medicine are the leaves. In fact, people in rural areas to take advantage of Moringa leaves and sour vegetable salad leaves like katuk.

Moringa leaves finely milled raw, then made the powder or mix it with powder, it can remove the black stains / spots / kokoloteun on facial skin. (Rediem)


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