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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Usefulness beluntas (Pluchea indica)

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Usefulness beluntas (Pluchea indica )
Local name:
Beluntas (Indonesia), Luntas (Java), Baluntas (Madura); Baluntas, Baruntas (Sunda), Lamutasa (Makassar); beluntas (Sumatra), Lenaboui (East); Luan Yi (China).;

Usefulness beluntas (Pluchea indica )Usefulness beluntas (Pluchea indica )

Shrubs or half-shrubs. grow up to 2 m high, sometimes more. Branches many, ribbed smooth and fluffy. Grows wild in the land barren and ugly, or planted as a fence. There are up to 1000 m above sea level. Short-stemmed leaves, alternate location, the shape of an egg breech round, round tip melancip, serrated bright green color. Flowers out at the end of the branches and leaf-shaped underarm-handled flower bulbs or sitting, the color purple. Fruit longkah somewhat shaped kazoos, brown with white corners, lokos.Untuk Disease Body odor, Appetite, reduce heat, scabies, tuberculosis;

Utilization PART USED: All crop, fresh / dried.

1. Eliminates body odor.
2. Digestive disorders in children and increases the appetite
3. Lower the heat, sweat peluruh.
4. Scabies.
5. Neck gland tuberculosis (Cervical tuberculous lymphadenitis)
6. Pain in rheumatic, back ache (Lumbago)

USAGE: 10-15 grams, boiled.

1. Digestive disorders in children:
leaves mixed in slurry filter / Rice team.
2. Neck gland tuberculosis:
- Stem and leaf beluntas extra, extra gelatine from cow skin,
Laminaria japonica (sea grass). These materials are steamed up
soft, Past eaten.
- Laminaria japonica (sea grass)
3. Rheumatic pain: 15 gr beluntas roots, boiled, drinking.
4. Eliminates body odor: as a fresh vegetable.
5. Peluruh perspiration, lower the heat:
Boiled leaves or brewed as tea, drinks.


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