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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves

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Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves Empirically, many people take advantage of breadfruit leaves to cope with various health problems. In addition to lowering blood cholesterol levels, some are making it as a solution to save the kidney. If only the advice of relatives and relatives are not ignored, it is not impossible Arman must undergo dialysis regularly. In fact, it could be the father of two children had lost his kidney. Breadfruit leaf decoction drunk who routinely able to save her kidneys and ensure the daily routine is still running.

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves Before routine drinking breadfruit leaf herb that has been drained and a half years ago, complaining about his body Arman easily tired, lethargic, and the freshness of her face is much reduced. He also tortured when the urge to urinate. "It was torture, in addition to the old, out too little. Waiting for the many hours it really made me miserable, "he said.

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves The result of the doctor, the left kidney conditions including severe Arman. Not only tortured during urination, weight also fell dramatically, from 70 kg to 55 kg. These conditions include Arman try another solution. Although initially some doubt, advice from his brother to drink boiled breadfruit leaf was eventually followed. When it's this 65-year-old man was already beginning to take it anymore with the pain experienced. Fortunately, despite the condition of the kidneys is severe enough, Arman did not have to undergo dialysis.

According to doctors, no kidney malfunction due to several reasons. Among the sediment of kidney stones, enlarged prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure, or immunological disease. In her case, renal failure caused by an enlarged prostate.

Medically, the decline in kidney function due to aging would be more rapid progress because of an enlarged prostate clog the urinary tract. Like most sufferers, a new Arman complain after renal function is reduced 25-30 percent.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Efficacy of Mahogany Seeds

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Efficacy of Mahogany Seeds
Mahogany Seeds
On our campus, Al-Zaytun, quite a lot of mahogany (Swietenia Mahagoni Jacg Latin names or in the country tentangga also called sky fruit because fruit leads to the sky) and has now grown big.
Mahogany Seeds
Trees can reach 5-25 feet tall has a root riding, trunked round, many branches and sap wood. The leaves are compound pinnate even. Helaiannya oval. The tip and tapered base. Flat edge, bone pinnate, and 3-15 cm in length. The young leaves are red and green color after dark. The flowers are arranged in a bouquet compound that came out of leaf armpit. Mother cylindrical flower stalk and the color brown.
Mahogany Seeds
This tree petals off one another, shaped like a spoon, and it's green. Crown cylindrical, brownish yellow. Stamens attached to the crown. Anthers white or brownish yellow. Fruit shape is oval, notched five, the color brown. Seeds flattened, brown or black color. New mahogany flowering after the age of 7 years.

What is interesting for me was the fruit seeds.
Mahogany Seeds
Some friends suggested that we regularly eat beans at least once mahogany / day, both for health said. Because many seeds are scattered everywhere, be every evening ebony finish my watering plants, picking the seeds of mahogany and ate one seed, the rest is put in office for friends who want to eat well.
Mahogany Seeds
Mahogany seeds are very bitter, long the loss of the tongue. For that I eat it like a pill just to eat, put on the back of the tongue directly driven by the water. Usefulness? My feeling still, the body does not quickly exhausted, increases stamina, not easy to drop / ill.

It was nearly two months of eating, there are friends who question whether the true seed is good for kesihatan mahogany instead of the bitter-bitter nature of doping, so that's not good is consumed more often? I was so stunned, too, yes yes, I eat this seed new mahogany "he said-she said" only healthy, have not read the literature. I'm looking at Google's many other benefits also must be careful not to most (but, no matter if most are not good, right?).

Research mahogany pieces for use as vitamins and drugs was first performed by a biochemist, DR. Larry Brookes, in the 1990s. Mahogany fruit contains flavonoids and saponins.

The content of flavonoids was useful for blood circulation, especially to prevent the blockage of blood vessels, reduces cholesterol and fatty deposits on blood vessel walls, helps reduce pain, bleeding, and bruising, as well as act as antioxidants to eliminate free radicals.

Saponin is useful to prevent pestilence, reduce body fat, boost the immune system, improve blood sugar levels, and strengthen liver function and slow the blood clotting process.

According to Chinese medicine, this plant has a characteristic bitter, cold, antipyretics (fever), antifungal, and can reduce high blood pressure, hypertension, blood sugar disorders, lack of appetite, fever, and helps maintain durability. This plant also has the ability as an astringent (drying), can precipitate intestinal mucous membrane proteins and form a layer that protects the intestine, preventing the intake of glucose and the rate of increase in blood glucose.

It is said also, mahogany powder mixture was believed to have a property to assist the process of healing and vitality. There also are suitable for beginning-level complaints stroke, hypertension, diabetes.

A study mahogany seeds in lowering blood glucose in animal experiments ever conducted Mihardja Laurentia, a researcher at the Center For Research and Development of Disease Control, NIHRD. The extract mahogany dose of 45 mg / 160 g body weight after 7 days showed a significantly different result than the solvent and did not differ with glikazide 7.2 mg/200 g body weight. It was concluded, mahogany can lower blood glucose in animal experiments.

How to Eat

1. Seeds are eaten immediately after removing the outer skin is flat.
2. Used as a first powder, crushed or mashed beans into a powder and brewed with hot water.
3. Eaten in the form of extracts, is that many on the market. Extracts are marketed in different forms, ranging from the capsule, fiber powder, premix juice, essential oils (for raising breast and a skin), tea powder, instant coffee powder until. Most in the form of powder, whereas other forms are based more on order.

If you want to take advantage of factory-made mahogany extract, choose who has received permission from the POM. When in doubt, may consult with your doctor, especially for those who bermasaiah with diabetes.

Sample Potions

Not complicated to make herb-based powders mahogany, just mix it with water, namely:

* To treat high blood pressure, take half a teaspoon of powdered seeds of mahogany and glass of hot water. Add one tablespoon of honey, stirred, after a warm and drunk.
* For patients with blood sugar disorders, potion together with hypertension, and should be taken 30 minutes before meals.
* To enter the wind and stamina enhancer, their formula is the same, but you can add ginger.
* For hypertension: 8 grams of freshly brewed beans with 2 cups hot water. After chilling filtered and then divided into 2 sections, taken morning and evening. Or it could be half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany half-cup of brewed with hot water, add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 2-3 times a day.
* For diabetes, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany brewed with 1 / 3 cup hot water. Let stand for several hours for a nutritious substance soluble in water. Filter first before drinking. Drink while warm, 30 minutes before eating. Do it 2-3 times a day. Although mahogany seeds steeping water taste bitter, drink it as is. Do not added honey or sugar.
* To increase appetite, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany brewed with 1 / 3 cup hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 2-3 times a day.
* To say to a fever and colds, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany quarter cup of brewed with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 2-3 times a day.
* For eczema and rheumatism, half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany half-cup of brewed with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink while warm. Do it 3 times a day.

NOTE: before used as powder, dried mahogany seeds first. Once dried, then ground to a powder.

Side Effects

Besides the benefits that quite a lot, there are also some side effects.

From the above note there are 2 ingredients Mahogany seeds:

1. Saponin,
2. Flavonoids

That number 1 should really pay attention, because in a certain amount would increase the risk of cholesterol in mempedu fluid, which in akirnya will cause gallstones. Besides, it also acts as a steroid.
A number 2, the maximum dose is 200 mg per day.

Besides, that particular person, it seems not yet to the increase of bile cholesterol, already feeling sick in the pit of the stomach. So, as long as you measure the dose, and is not used for a long time,
probably due to the effect that help flavonoida permeability or blood vessel flexibility, it can indeed be used for high blood pressure.

The problem, in studies on saponin, do not use mahogany, also in the department of health database no perbiji how much content. Because humans are unique, too, plants grown mahogany with a particular place produces a certain degree also will be is difficult to regulate and how we decide.

According to herbalist practitioner experience, should be enough to eat one seed per day, if eaten immediately. Another dose comparable to that.

Good luck.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The secret of Soursop for Cancer

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The secret of Soursop for CancerSavor Soursop 10.000 times Stronger than Cancer Chemotherapy

Source is very shocking news comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in America. Graviola fruit in-test in more than 20 laboratories, since the 1970s until a few years berikutnya.Hasil Test of extract (juice) fruit is a effektive choose a target and kill the bad cells from 12 different cancer types, including:
The secret of Soursop for Cancer
* Colon Cancer
* Breast cancer
* Prostate Cancer
* Lung Cancer
* Pancreatic Cancer.

Based on data and research results, the power of anti-cancer substances in soursop plant is 10,000 times more potent in killing cancer cells and slow the growth of naturally compared with Adriamycin and Chemo therapy is commonly used. Unlike chemo therapy, this juice is selective only hunt down and kill the bad cells and NOT harm / kill healthy cells
Some researchers at the Health Sciences Institute recognizes if the fruit soursop give effect to anti-tumor / cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer.

In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as an antibacterial, antifungal (fungi), effective against various types of parasites / worms, lowers high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system that are less good.

Health Sciences Research Institute are taken by Indian tribes living habits living in the Amazon jungle. Some parts of this tree such as bark, roots, leaves, fruit flesh and seeds, over the centuries become a drug for the Indians. Graviola or soursop believed able to cure heart disease, asthma, liver problems (heart) and arthritis.

Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be a cancer cell killer remarkable in trials conducted by 20 different independent laboratories and conducted under the supervision of the National Cancer Institute.

A study published by the Journal of Natural Products stated that the study conducted by the Catholic University in South Korea, said that one of the chemical elements contained in the Graviola, able to select, discriminate and kill colon cancer cells with 10,000 times more potent than with adriamycin and chemo therapy.

The most striking discovery from Catholic University in this study were: Graviola can select to choose evil and kill only cancer cells, while healthy cells are not touched or disturbed.

Graviola not like chemo therapy who can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, then the reproductive cells (such as stomach and hair) were killed out by the chemo therapy, which raised the negative effects of nausea and hair loss.

Studies at Purdue University show that the Graviola leaves are able to effectively kill cancer cells, particularly cancer cells: prostate, pancreas, and lung.

Several university research results that prove if the magic tree and its fruit can be:

* Attacking cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy.
* Protecting the immune system and prevent the deadly infection.
* Increased energy and improved physical appearance.
* Effectively selecting target and kill the bad cells from 12 different cancer types, including colon cancer, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreas.
* These drugs 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamycin and the commonly used chemo therapy.
* Unlike chemo therapy, juice only selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and not harm or kill healthy cells.

[1] http://samuderahati.8forum.net/tip-tip-kesehatan-f4/khasiat-sirsak-10000x-lebih-kuat-dari-kemoterapi-kanker-t162.htm

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Secret Benefit Of Pineapple Fruit

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Pineapple FruitPineapple Fruit contains vitamins A and C as antioxidants. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, dextrose, sucrose, and the enzyme bromelain.

Bromelain efficacious as anti-inflammatory, helps soften the food in the stomach, and inhibit cancer cell growth. Fiber content can facilitate defecation in patients with constipation.

Pineapple FruitSome properties that have been cooked pineapple:

1. are cold,
2. to reduce the discharge of excessive stomach acid,
3. helps digestion of food in the stomach,
4. anti-inflammatory,
5. peluruh urine (diuretic),
6. clean up of dead skin tissue,
7. interfere with cancer cell growth,
8. inhibit platelet clumping.

Some diseases can be cured with pineapple fruit:

1. Water (juice) pineapple: worms, sore throat, Give, give, lose weight, digestion problems
2. Pineapple leaf (washed, finely ground, smeared in a hospital): For burns, itching and boils
3. Dandruff: Provide 1 / 4 ripe pineapple fruit. Peel the skin, and scar, and filtered. Add the juice 1 orange juice and stir until blended. Use this mixture to rub the scalp of dandruff. Do it the night before bed. The next morning washed hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.
4. Inflammation of the skin: provide 1 / 2 pineapple that has been cooked. Peel the skin, and scar. Results parutannya used to rub the skin is scaly and peeling. Do it once a day, night before bed. The next morning washed clean new. Do it every day.
5. Constipation: drinking water from 3 pieces of pineapple, but choose the fruit that has not been cooked properly and is a bit sour.

Side Effects:

1. Pineapple young potential as abortivum or similar drugs that can abort the womb. Therefore, the pineapple can be used to launch a late period. Therefore, pregnant women are prohibited from consuming young pineapple.
2. trigger arthritis. In the gastrointestinal tract, pineapple fruit fermented into alcohol. This could trigger a recurrence of rheumatic gout. Rheumatism and arthritis sufferers are encouraged to limit consumption of pineapple.
3. increase blood sugar. Ripe pineapple fruits contain high sugar levels. So, for diabetics, should not consume excessive pineapple.
4. cause itching. Sometimes after eating fresh pineapple, mouth and tongue itch. To avoid this, before eating, soak pieces of pineapple with salt water. Simple is not it?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skin Smoothing With Turmeric

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TumericTurmeric, turmeric, or koneng is a plant family. From leaf to its rizhom widely used for cooking ingredients until the ingredients. Curcuminoids compounds have been studied its ability to protect cells, tissues and organs from damage caused by free radicals by neutralizing free radicals, and prevent the formation of a new radical. And from a few references to show support, in the presence of antioxidants and turmeric, so turmeric is very good for skin health.

The tradition among the Javanese palace-palace, the woman and her daughters are always regular drinking sour turmeric to maintain health and smoothness of their skin. For use on the skin, turmeric has traditionally been used for skin infections such as eczema and scabies.

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