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Sunday, August 29, 2010

properties of dragon fruit

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properties of dragon fruit dragon fruit secret of dragon fruit benefit of dragon fruit buah dragon

Dragon fruit has a beneficial properties for human health such as balancing blood sugar levels, protecting oral health, prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, preventing bleeding and treating complaints whitish.

properties of dragon fruit dragon fruit secret of dragon fruit benefit of dragon fruit buah dragonproperties of dragon fruit dragon fruit secret of dragon fruit benefit of dragon fruit buah dragon

Dragon fruit is usually consumed as fresh fruit as relievers thirst, because the dragon fruits contain high water content of about 90% of the weight of the fruit. It was pretty sweet because they contain sugar content reaches 13-18 briks. Dragon fruit can also be expressed in the form of juice, fruit juice, jam or candied or various forms of presentation according to your tastes.

properties of dragon fruit dragon fruit secret of dragon fruit benefit of dragon fruit buah dragonproperties of dragon fruit dragon fruit secret of dragon fruit benefit of dragon fruit buah dragon

In general, experts agree and acknowledge the dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium is good for health versus other fruits that are imported.

According to Leong from Johncola Pitaya AL Food R & D, an organization that examines the red dragon fruit, cactus fruit is quite rich honey with a variety of vitamins and mineral substances which help increase endurance and beneficial for metabolism in the human body.

"Research shows the red dragon fruit is excellent for the circulatory system, also gives the effect of reducing the emotional pressures and neutralize the toxic in the blood." Research also shows this fruit can prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol content in blood and lower the fat content in body, "he said.

Overall, each of the red dragon fruit womb protein can increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health; fiber (to prevent colon cancer, diabetes and diet); carotene (eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent the entry of disease), calcium (bone strengthening).

Pitaya womb also add iron to the blood, vitamin B1 (preventing fever entity); vitamin B2 (add to taste), vitamin B3 (lower cholesterol) and vitamin C (increase slipperiness, smoothness of skin and prevent acne).

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Watermelon Secrets For Men

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Watermelon Secrets For Men water melon secret water melon
Watermelon Fruit Secrets For Men. According to researchers from the University of Texas, U.S., concluded sitrulin, secret content in watermelon fruit berkhasia make blood vessels to relax. Thus facilitate blood flow, and automatic impact on the performance of 'junior'. The same effect if men consume Viagra.
Watermelon Secrets For Men water melon secret water melonWatermelon Secrets For Men water melon secret water melon

Dr. Bhimu Patel, chief researcher outlines, sitrulin that enter the body changed into an amino acid called arginine. These amino acids are able to improve antioxidant, and blood flow, which contributes to the ability of erection in men. The difference of Viagra, the content of this without the side effects, as well as healthy body.
Watermelon Secrets For Men water melon secret water melonWatermelon Secrets For Men water melon secret water melon

However, this research there is still controversy. According to Penelope Perkins-Veazie, researchers from the Department of Agriculture, if you want to get the amount of content sitrulin to increase the level of arginine in the body, you must eat six glasses of watermelon juice, without added water and sugar.

But, this condition can also cause new problems. Because the content of watermelon is a diuretic, for those who consumed six glasses of juice, of course, will often urinate. Not to mention the high sugar content in watermelon can cause cramps in the body. Therefore, this method is not recommended in people with diabetes.

But how else, other than it tastes sweet and refreshing watermelon as well as a rich storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants. This water-rich fruit has vitamin A which is quite good. Consumption of 100 grams of vitamin A sufficient to meet 11.1 percent of the body's need for vitamin A.

In addition, according to The George Mateljan Foundation, the amount of vitamin C in watermelon are included in the category of perfect. Combination of these two vitamins make a watermelon can be a very good source of antioxidants.

Watermelon is also rich in vitamin B complex that is necessary for energy production. High water content also causes the release watermelon as a fruit of thirst.

On watermelon red color indicates high levels of lycopene, a component of carotenoids like beta-carotene.

Lycopene is also reportedly able to cope with gastric cancer caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. The presence of lycopene is very useful to inhibit oxidation caused by the bacteria.

In addition, lycopene also can repair cells that have been damaged. As a phytochemical compounds, lycopene memlliki no toxic properties, so safe to consume without causing side effects.

In an experiment conducted All India Institute of Sciences in New Delhi on 30 infertile men aged 23-45 years who were given 20 mg of lycopene twice daily for three months, showed increased sperm count, improved sperm structure, and increased movement of sperm.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Usefulness Cucumber for beauty

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Usefulness Cucumber for beauty cucumbur mentimun kecantikan beauty
If so far we know only as a complement to cucumbers fresh vegetables in the menu, now there is another benefit of cucumber that you need to know, cucumbers have been worth more to care for beauty. Here are some beauty tips that can be obtained from cucumber.
Usefulness Cucumber for beauty cucumbur mentimun kecantikan beautyUsefulness Cucumber for beauty cucumbur mentimun kecantikan beauty

Cucumber Astringent

One easy way to reduce oil on oily skin glow:
Cut 1 / 2 cucumber, peeled and input in a blender and blend until smooth. Apply on face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat lightly to dry face.

Usefulness Cucumber for beauty cucumbur mentimun kecantikan beautyUsefulness Cucumber for beauty cucumbur mentimun kecantikan beauty

Masks cucumber - Avocado

This formula works for everything: maintenance, shrink pores, and helps raise Matu skin cells and make skin fresher.

Blend all ingredients until smooth:
1 / 2 cup grated cucumber
1 / 2 cup avocado
1 egg white
2 teaspoons powdered milk.

Cool it for 30 minutes, then dab on the face and neck. Let stand for 30 minutes, then wash with warm water. Splash of cold water and then afterwards pat dry.

Skin Cleansing Mask

If you usually have trouble with stains on the face, this mask will help you prevent it.

Blend until smooth materials:

1 / 2 cucumber, peeled
1 tablespoon nonfat milk
1 tablespoon yogurt

Apply on face and leave on for 20 minutes, then flush with water.

For Skin Care Shines

If your skin is dull and oily, this recipe will help to make the skin look more radiant and glowing.

1 teaspoon butter cucumber
Add a little rose water

Apply on face and leave on for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Relieves swollen eyes
Lack of sleep usually makes your eyes so swollen, but nothing to worry about cucumber can help address this issue.

Cut two slices of cucumber, lie down and place a snippet on each of your eyes. Let stand for 15 minutes, then remove from heat.

Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes eyelids

1. Apply cucumber jelly, may own or mixed with carrot juice on the dark circles under the eyes. Let stand for 20 minutes, flush.

2. Combine the cucumber jelly with milk and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Apply at the bottom of the eye and let stand for 20 minutes, flush.

Cucumber perishable, so be sure to use every beauty recipes mentioned above immediately after creating it.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

properties of Dates Fruit

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properties of Dates Fruit
1. The fruit of a palm plant rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamins A and C and niacin.
2. Saintifiknya name recognizable as phoenix dactylifera L impressive mengubati chronic intestinal disorders and overcoming constipation.
3. Bidder efficacious in traditional perubatan to overcome insomnia, reduce cough and various other properties.
properties of Dates Fruit properties of Dates Fruit

4. Following expert opinion perubatan, palm fruit is rich in iron and calcium elements corresponding to the same woman there when pregnant or after giving birth.
5. For mothers who have a milk shortage problem, it can be overcome by eating a date once gus promote the added content of milk.
properties of Dates Fruit properties of Dates Fruit

6. Role in childhood growth, the formation of blood and bone marrow.
7. dates among the most worthy of processed foods as bekalan energy.
8. Properties shown to help heat the body, mencergaskan brain and body weight, Minda mencergaskan childhood.
9. Palm juice can reduce blood spilled, strengthen organs uterus and relieve high blood pressure memorable.
10. Help pave the way of blood, avoiding the abscess, treat the kidneys, liver and helps wash the blood stream when subtracting the birth.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Usefulness Guava

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Guava Jambu Biji Usefulness Guava
Disease Can Be Treated:
Diabetes mellitus, gastritis, diarrhea (upset stomach), Cold, Beser; Prolapsisani, Sprue, Pain Skin, a new wound;
Guava Jambu Biji Usefulness GuavaGuava Jambu Biji Usefulness Guava


1. Diabetes Mellitus
Ingredients: 1 half-ripe guava fruit
Method: guava fruit is split into four parts and
boiled with 1 liter of water until boiling, then filtered to
water taken.
How to use: drunk two times a day, morning and afternoon

Guava Jambu Biji Usefulness GuavaGuava Jambu Biji Usefulness Guava

2. Ulcer
Ingredients: 8 sheets of guava leaves are still fresh.
Method: boiled with 1.5 liters of water to boiling,
then filtered to take water.
How to use: drunk three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening.

3. Abdominal pain (Diarrhea and Diarrhoea)
Ingredients: 5 pieces of guava leaves, a piece of root, bark and stem
Method: boiled with 1.5 liters of water to boiling and then
the water is filtered to be taken
How to use: drunk two times a day morning and afternoon.

4. Abdominal pain or diarrhea in infants who are breast-feeding
Ingredients: young guava and salt to taste.
How to use: chewed by mothers who breastfeed the baby,
water is ingested and waste is disposed.

5. Catch a cold
Ingredients: 10 sheets of guava leaves are still young, one point chili
red, 3 eye fruit acids, a piece of palm sugar, salt to taste
How to make: all the ingredients are boiled together with 1 liter
boiling water until the water is then filtered to be taken.
How to use: drunk two times a day.

6. Beser (frequent urination) excessive
Ingredients: 1 handheld guava leaves are still young, three tablespoons of powdered
fried rice without oil (couple = Java).
Method: The second material is braised together with 2.5
glasses of water to boiling until there remained a glass and then filtered.
How to use: to be drunk every three hours and three tablespoons.

7. Prolapsisani
Ingredients: 1 handheld guava leaves, a piece of guava tree bark.
Method: braised together with 2 cups water to boiling,
then filtered to take water.
How to use: water mixture is still warm in a state of
used to compress the shaft intestinal mucous membrane (belly button) on

8. Sprue
Ingredients: 1 handheld guava leaves, a piece of guava tree bark.
Method: braised together with 2 cups water to boiling,
then filtered to take water.
How to use: drunk two times a day.

9. Skin Pain
Ingredients: 1 handheld guava leaves are still young, 7 flowers
Method: boxed together until smooth
How to use: to rub the sore skin.

10. New bandage
Ingredients: 3 guava leaf sprout.
Method: chew until soft
How to use: put on the injured body part in order
mengelurkan not blood continuously.

CHEMISTRY CONTENT: Fruit, leaves and bark of guava tree contains tannin, the flowers are not many contain tannins. Guava leaves also contain substances other than tannins, such as essential oils, ursolic acid, acid psidiolat, kratogolat acid, acid oleanolat, guajaverin acids and vitamins. The content of guava fruit (100 gr) - Calories 49 cal - Vitamin A 25 SI - 0.02 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin C 87 mg - 14 mg Calcium - 12.2 grams of carbohydrate - Phosphorus 28 mg - 1.1 mg Iron - Protein 0.9 mg - 0.3 grams Fat - 86 grams Water

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

bamboo leaves properties

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bamboo leaves properties bamboo leaves
There are still many people who do not know, bamboo leaves, including potential herb. Its flavonoid content is high enough. In China, the leaf extract was used to protect the heart.

bamboo leaves properties bamboo leavesbamboo leaves properties bamboo leaves

During this time, the plant that is frequently utilized is bamboo stems. Leaves and other parts so just waste. In contrast to that prevailing in China. In the State Bamboo Curtain, bamboo leaf it has a history of medicine and food for long time.
bamboo leaves properties bamboo leavesbamboo leaves properties bamboo leaves

The benefits of bamboo leaves was first revealed in the Book of Sun Yi Bie Lu (Note Doctor List), which is to shed the sputum and relieve cough and difficulty breathing. Other properties include neutralize toxins in the body.

Great Dictionary of Chinese Herbs also make it clear that the hot issue function of bamboo leaves, returns potent fluids, and are diuretic (urine launched). In 1998, bamboo leaves are categorized by the Board of Health of China in the list of natural herbs for medicine and food.

Cool and Harum
Type of Phyllostachys nigra plants Latin name is growing on the Yangtze River region, precisely in southern China. Ancient Chinese medical experts to describe the function of medicine and food, bamboo leaves in the book of Yao Pin Hua Yi or books sense digging herbs, which is cool, fragrant, can get into the heart meridian, it feels cold and bitter, his chi is also cool.

Research shows, bamboo leaves contain many active substances, namely flavonoids, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, mikroelemen, and so forth, so good for lowering blood fats and cholesterol. Could also reduce the antioxidant or free radical oxidation, as antiaging ingredients, and is able to maintain stamina and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Lim Muliadi OMD-oriental medical doctors from Shanghai TC University revealed, bamboo leaf flavonoid content has a positive effect on bone marrow and chemotherapy on the immunity, can improve microvascular flow for heart patients, thrombocyte function, and blood circulation in heart muscle.

Similar Hemoglobin
Japanese health experts believe the composition of flavonoids from leaves of bamboo-like structure of hemoglobin. Therefore, bamboo leaves can be directly injected into the veins and can improve efficiency.

Bamboo leaf flavonoids are also safe, non-toxic. Uniquely, bamboo leaf flavonoids is the first domestic resources flavonoid found in China and was officially patented.

Health Agencies in Zhe Jiang Province, China, through toksiologi tests, oral tests of bamboo leaves extract on rats with a dose of LD50, greater than 10g/kg body weight of rats. The result is a bamboo leaf poison free.

Really bamboo leaf flavonoid capable of healthy heart? A special study carried out in order to reveal the benefits of bamboo leaf flavonoids on blood vessels and coronary artery blood flow.
Variations of research with high-dose, medium, and low, bamboo leaf flavonoids shown to facilitate blood flow from coronary heart cavia cobaya (a type of mouse) which is separated from his body. Calculation of the group and each member of the group have significant differences, increases with the magnitude of the dose.

High dose, medium and low bamboo leaf flavonoids can increase heart muscle contraction force and the calculation of the group also has a clear distinction. Effects of group small dose (2.5 mg / ml) to explain the positive results for the normal physiological function of the coronary arteries and potentially prevent the occurrence of cardiac disorders.

Since 1998, experts in China have a lot of research on bamboo leaf flavonoids function to inhibit the oxidation of fat. For example, chocolate drink mix with 1 percent of bamboo leaf extract significantly increased free radical activity while protecting vitamins A and E.

In domestic markets of bamboo leaf extract products are relatively not much. Usually in the form of tablets or similar snack that can be consumed, like snacks. Because in the form of extracts, of course caution is required in taking them. The best way to reduce risk, consider the legality of such products there is any certification of POM.

Benefits of Bamboo from Age to Age
Various herbal books, books of classical medicine, and Chinese farmakop noted bamboo properties in curing diseases. Among them:
- Bie Lu. Bamboo leaves are cool, non-toxic, to treat heartburn in the chest and coughing.
- Sheng Hui Fang. Porridge bamboo leaves can cure heat at the heart of a child or was unconscious. Potion: 60 g of bamboo leaves, to taste rice, and 15 g of yin chen (wormwood / Artemisiae scopariae) made porridge.
- The Book of Herbal Therapy. Bamboo leaves could cure a cough, thirst, sputum, sore throat, and relieve the heat.
- Ben Cao Qiu Zhen. Bamboo leaves can refresh the heart, warms the spleen, eliminate ripples and thirsty, evil wind, cough, difficulty, vomiting of blood, mild stroke, and others.
- Yao Pin Hua Yi. Book known as the Book of Definitions The drug is noted, bamboo leaves a refreshing, slightly bitter, is able to neutralize all the cold and hot chi.
- Yue Jing (The Book of Herbal Classic). Bamboo leaves, with a mild aroma, can neutralize the burning sensation, especially in the heart of chi. Is good medicine, particularly to treat thirst for hot days, clear sputum / ripples in the chest, relieves cold and weak, coughing, and asthma. Only the leaves of bamboo that can enter the gall bladder and bring chi neutral to the lungs to remove the heat.
- Ben Jing Feng Yuan. In the Book Shen Nung Herbal Classic was written to heal one of the bamboo leaf veins, wounds, and kills parasites.
- Great Dictionary of Chinese Medicine. Bamboo leaves relieve anxiety and heat, and launched a pee.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pandan Leaf properties

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Pandan Leaf properties Daun Pandan

Pandan leaf efficacious to overcome:
- Weak nerves (neurasthenia),
- No appetite,
- Rheumatism, stiff,
- Sick with anxiety,
- Hair loss, black hair, and
- Dandruff.
Pandan Leaf properties Daun PandanPandan Leaf properties Daun Pandan


Fresh pandan leaves as much as 2-5 pieces of sliced and then boiled or brewed to taste, drink. Or leaves pounded and squeezed and drunk. External use, leaves washed and finely milled. Turapkan on injuries or the dandruff scalp.
Pandan Leaf properties Daun PandanPandan Leaf properties Daun Pandan


1. Weak nerves:

Fresh pandan leaves as many as three pieces of washed and cut  small. Boil with 3 clean water glass until remaining 2 cups. After chilling filtered and drunk in the morning and afternoon, each a glass.

2. Rheumatism and stiff:

a. Fresh pandan leaves as many as three sheets washed and sliced thinly. Brewed with 1 / 2 cup coconut oil that has been heated while stirring evenly. After the cold is ready for use to rub the sore body parts.

b. Fresh pandan leaves as many as five pieces and 20 pieces of lemon grass leaves,Past washing powder. Add eucalyptus oil gandapura oil and 1 tablespoon each meal. Stir while diramas until evenly distributed. This herb is used for rub and massage the sore body parts.

3. Fidget:

    Fresh pandan leaves as many as two sheets washed and thinly sliced.

    Brewed with a glass of hot water. After the cold-filtered, drinking

    simultaneously. Do it 2-3 times a day, sampal calm.

4. Hair loss:

    A total of 10 pieces of fresh young leaves of hibiscus, a handful of leaves

    urang-aring, 5 mangkokan leaves, pandan leaves 1, 10

    jasmine flowers, and a rosebud, after washing

    clean and cut up sufficiently. These materials

    inserted into emails saucepan, then add sesame rninyak,

    coconut oil and hazelnut oil each 1 / 2 cups.

    Heat until boiling, then lifted. After chilling filtered,

    ready for use. How, then apply this mixture to the oil

    the entire scalp with a light massage. Perform night

    before bed, washed her hair the next morning. Do it 2-3 times


5. Discolor hair:

    Fragrant pandan leaves as many as seven pieces of washed and cut into pieces.

    Boiled with 1 liter of water until the color becomes green. Embunkan

    boiling water had been all night. In the morning, mix the leaf decoction

    mentioned with pandan juice 3 ripe noni fruit. Water

    mixture was then used to meneuci hair. Do 3 times

    a week, until you see the results.

6. Dandruff:

    Fresh pandan leaves as many as seven sheets washed and then grounded

    smooth. Add 1 / 2 cups of water while being mixed evenly.

    Squeeze and strain. Pandan leaf juice is then applied to

    entire scalp dandruff. Let dry, then

    need to spread once again repeated. Approximately 1 / 2 - 1 hour later,

    Hair washed with clean water. Do it every day until


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Usefulness bean sprouts

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 Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge
Menu bean sprouts for the midday meal dinner mahupun often underestimated by most of us. Seen as a dish of bean sprouts which are not directly menyelerakan.
 Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge

But you know, bean sprouts that often become the last choice to be made of this vegetable actually has many virtues. Bean sprouts can be said to contribute to male fertility and bean sprouts wanita.Pengambilan by men able to make sperm produced by this group better. So was a woman, she was quite impressed help the fertility of eggs produced.
 Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge

However, the properties bean sprouts are not just contributors to fertility, it also proved through the study materials that can cripple the womb kanser seeds, colon, pancreas and leukemia.

Following similar studies carried out there from the type of bean sprouts green beans, alfalfa, etc. Phytochemical yes womb many nutritious elements. One is kanavanin (canavanine), a type of amino asid. Kanavanin, capable of crippling the seeds kanser dukatakan leukemia, colon and pancreas.

In addition, the bean sprouts have also functioned as semulajadi estrogen with estrogen synthesis. Estrogen in the bean sprouts can increase bone density and composition, as well as prevent bone fragility

Intake of bean sprouts by women are often able to help them avoid them from breast kanser, impending menstruation disorders, symptoms of pre-menopaus, and the disruption caused by menopaus.

When the nuts to be used as bean sprouts dicambahkan general levels increased resulting in 450 peratus saponinya. Those who are at risk of stroke and heart attack disease, because of high blood fat levels are encouraged to take more bean sprouts in their daily menu. Saponi in bean sprouts, banish the "fat bad" LDL cholesterol, without disturbing the good HDL fats.

In addition to DNA loaded, solid sprouts with strong antioksida prevented the body from free radical cell perosak DNA. This reinforces the conclusion Protection bean sprouts are vegetables that make you younger.

Another property which is no less great bean sprouts is to help remove impurities in the large intestine kerana womb lots of fiber and water. This is the main tunjang kanser bean sprouts in fighting cells.

If the dirt immediately meniggalkan large intestine, there is no longer toxic substances in sewage that can be absorbed by the body. He will prevent the collection of toxic substances that can stimulate seed blossoming kanser. After reading the good of vegetable sprouts do not hesitate to pick it up. The price also very cheap !

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Friday, August 6, 2010

properties Kumis Kucing (Cats Whisker) Leaf

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properties Kumis Kucing (Cats Whisker) Leaf

Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon Spicatus BBS), Kumis Kucing (Indonesian) shaped shrub, the stems moist, height can reach 1.5 meters. Can grow in wet or dry place at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, this plant has an egg-shaped leaves spurs, leaves are coarsely toothed edges. Its flower stamen and pistil issued a white or purple.
properties Kumis Kucing (Cats Whisker) Leafproperties Kumis Kucing (Cats Whisker) Leaf

This plant has a number of properties to cure various kinds of diseases. The leaves contain potassium (boorsma) is quite high. He also contain glycosides which efficacious orthosiphonin to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Especially from the bladder, bile and kidney.
properties Kumis Kucing (Cats Whisker) Leafproperties Kumis Kucing (Cats Whisker) Leaf

According to the Atlas of Plant Medicine by Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha Indonesia, as quoted by the association of data center site hospitals throughout Indonesia (Persi), cat's whiskers plant of interest is compound interest in the stem that comes out the ramifications. Pale purple or white while the stamens longer than the flower tube. Cat's whiskers in the form of fruit and fruit oval box. This plant can be propagated by seeds or stem cuttings.

Herbaceous plant is sweet but slightly bitter taste. This cat's whiskers herb can be used to treat some diseases are acute and chronic kidney infections, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections. To treat kidney diseases and hypertension, 30 grams of washing fresh herbs cat's whiskers, herb leaves, spoons and snake tongue grass. Boil it all in tigha glass of water until it left only one glass. Once cool, strain then drink half a glass of water twice a day.

For those who suffer from urinary tract infections, frequent urination, can be tried healing with herbs fresh herb leaves, cat whiskers, meniran, and the roots of the reeds 30 grams each and then washed thoroughly. The materials were then cut into pieces as needed and then boiled in three cups of water until only the remaining half. After chilling, the water is then drunk half a glass each of three times a day.

To treat bladder stones, 90 grams of herbs cat's whiskers and then washed and boiled in a liter of water until boiling and the remaining 750 cc. After a cold, drink as much as three times a day each third section. Drink this concoction to heal illness.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rosella (Hibiscus Sabdarida)

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Rosella Rosella Tea Hibiscus Sabdarida

Rosella plant has more than 300 species scattered in tropical and non tropical areas. Usually, used as an ornamental plant and some of them believed to have medical kasiat, one of them is red roselle or roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa).
Rosella Rosella Tea Hibiscus Sabdarida Rosella Rosella Tea Hibiscus Sabdarida

In the year 2006, conducted research on the medical benefits of red roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and obtained results are 1.7 mmmol / prolox antioxidants. The amount is more than the cat's whiskers are clinically proven antioxidant shed kidney stones.

Rosella Rosella Tea Hibiscus Sabdarida Rosella Rosella Tea Hibiscus Sabdarida

Usefulness of Rosella interest including the following:

    * Nature detoxify, neutralize poison
    * Lowers blood pressure
    * Lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics
    * Inhibit the growth of cancer
    * Maintain your stamina
    * Lowers blood cholesterol
    * Balancing weight
    * Reduce the heat and hard CHAPTER
    * Reducing the fat in the liver clotting
    * Reduces headaches / migraine
    * Contains multivitamins, including vit.C and Beta carotene
    * Helps to recover from drug addiction

Then, just have her way, lives petals 5-7 brewed with hot water, wait five minutes, ready to drink. Pain from acid beverages like java. If that had stomach ulcers should be carefully and add the water level. If you want to add sugar may also, but it's better just mixed pake honey as a sweetener, more healthy

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