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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Secrets of Bananas

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Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit
In addition to delicious food, bananas have their own usefulness to kesihatan. Between efficacy banana:


Bananas are the most efficacious food is said to disease constipation.

Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefitSecrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit


For high blood penghidap, elegant, a banana. He womb 'potassium' very high useful for those who perform low-salt diet.

Secrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefitSecrets of Bananas Bananas bananas benefit


'Cilium' on the banana function to maintain the water balance of the body, normal blood pressure, heart function and muscle work.


Protein 'trypotophan', a type of protein that can be changed by the body to 'serotonin' which is owned by a banana, can make someone's feelings became calmer and happier. 'Potassium' is also able to make the throbbing heart became more stable, so the oxygen flow to the brain remain stable.

Subtract nausea

Pregnant women are often beautiful morning sickness eat bananas. Sugar content so high originally contained in the banana may keep blood sugar levels thus reducing nausea.

Banana Skin

Acne scars or very bad, even more so when a black scar. Do not think pa types, provided the black (including grated measles) took the gold banana skin and brush her. Make an impression every day until it is gone. Insha-Allah, the results are satisfactory. In addition, the skin becomes slippery if you diligently mengamalkannya.


Hypertension and stroke - bananas help lower high blood pressure high kerana potasiumnya content.

Cholesterol - low bananas in terms of calories of fat, sodium which helps lowers cholesterol.

Sediment-ass - potassium and magnesium contained in the banana is very appropriate care for people suffering from diarrhea-ass.

Anaemia - is anemia anemias. Kerana banana rich with iron, it may stimulate income hemoglobin in the blood.

Moodiness - people who are depressed more quickly cheerful when eating a banana. Kerana content of this type of protein that help us to be quiet.

Dizzy-dizzy - the fastest way of treating a sense of giddy-giddy with drink milk is hilarious banana (banana milkshakes) are mixed with honey. This drink is not even tasty treat too simple.

CAUTION: Even though bananas good for kesihatan and help care for certain diseases, he nevertheless is not appropriate for pesakit diabetes. This kerana sugar content in bananas is high. There are 25 grams of sugar per 126 grams of bananas (19.85%)

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