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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Benefit of pomegranates

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The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima
During pregnancy, I ate a lot of pomegranates . many vital elements. trying to read the extracts below.

Benefits of Pomegranate "It is He who sends down rain .. we are out of the green plants, we bring forth the grain crops (fruits) of group and the date palms (palm) of thinly-sheathed (we remove) fresh fruit bunches, which is easily reached and plucked and (We made) gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates, the same (shape, appearance and taste) are not equivalent. Look at their fruits when they bear fruit and ripen. Surely, there are signs (showing the power of Us) for those who believe. "- Al-An'am: 99
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

Pomegranate or ar-Rumman in Arabic is called three times in the Quran. It is among the trees in Paradise. Now pomegranates grown from as far as China until California.
Among the advantages is that its internal structure. When the skin is shiny fruit peel, would seem a small bag bag juicy-fresh, sweet sour taste.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

In many cultures, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and long life. The Chinese for example, presents at the marriage ceremony because he was considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity and a great descent.
In the days of Moses, the pomegranate has been cultivated in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon da. Rimmon, the ancient city of Hebron, said the city now famous for the production of diamond or Rumman, in his honor.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima
Plantation name Punica granatum pomegranate is derived from the French meaning kekata apple seeds.
Pomegranate is believed to come from Iran, the ranges of the Himalayas and northern India. It was developed as a coastal cuisine and cultivated in the Mediterranean, adapted to the cold and hot temperatures. Pomegranate trees grow like bushes or trees 3-6 meters tall normal, or sometimes 9 meters. Usually the leaves fall, but some areas are, essentially constant fresh.
The Benefit of pomegranatesbuah delima

Its fruits began to decrease after age 15. However, a pomegranate tree lasts for 200 years. The flowers are purple, white or a mixture of dichromatic. It is used as a red dye that has been used for centuries in Central Asia. The leaves are shiny and a strong shield-shaped. Great color and interest recorded in the meaning the word of God Almighty.

The advantage is that the composition of the pomegranate fruit is reinforced by a poultice of maintaining the quality of the fruit skin for up to six months. Pomegranates may be fruitful between one year and three years after planting. Far East market is the major destination of trade rubies. High nutritional value is rich in sodium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C, calcium and forsforus. It also sejenia bidder because of the high antioxidant content of heart disease, cancer and old fast. Dried pomegranate seeds are used for the native cuisine of North India. The seed is the substitution of raisins for baking ingredients.

In Greece and homeopathic medicine, pomegranate to treat diarrhea, ear pain, blurred vision, sore gums, and less primitive pengahadhaman.

(From the book Plants Of The Quran by Dr MIH Farooqi)

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