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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Secret Benefit of Ling zhi mushroom

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Ling zhi mushroomLing zhi mushroom (Ganoderma sp) or the mushroom reishi in Japan, is already known since the time of Emperor Shi Huang Ti (259-210 BC). That said, the emperor of Wei dynasty was never deployed 3000 soldiers and naval officers to Japan to find a potent plant extract is reported as an elixir of Immortality (ageless herbal medicine that makes people "do not die-die").

Apparently, the plant extract in question is the reishi mushroom extract. Because of its tough and bitter, this fungus is usually processed into a kind of liquid to drink. Now this fungus can we find in the store herbs in the form of dried mushrooms. This fungus black red meat, while the easy more beautiful, which is orange red.

Efficacy of fungi is influenced by the growth. For example, if ling zhi mushroom growing in heavy metal contaminated, ling zhi that it will also contain harmful metals. If you are interested in purchasing this fungus, select the red-brown color because the content of the highest berkhasiatnya materials.

To get the properties, these mushrooms are consumed as a herbal medicine by drinking water consumed boiled or dried after refined. According Prof.Dr.Made Astawan, ling zhi mushroom able to restore the immune system. The body also does not tire easily, look fresh and youthful.

Savor ling zhi mushroom is caused by acid and acid ganoderat lusidenat, is a polysaccharide compounds, which serves to inhibit tumor growth.

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