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Monday, September 20, 2010

Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya

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Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret
Who does not know with papaya? this one fruit is the fruit of much interest to most people. The fruit that comes from this tropical region has a sweet fruit flavor when ripe. Papaya trees belonging to multifunctional plants, almost all parts of plants can be utilized.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Papaya (carica papaya) is a trunked plants that resemble palm upright and wet, white flowers and ripe fruit is reddish yellow, very sweet taste when ripe.

The leaves are cooked as vegetables or fresh vegetables are also mixed into drugs, papaya fruit seed used as worm medicine, the young fruit salad can be made, whereas the old and mature made sweets, dodol or eaten in a fresh condition.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Behind the delicacy of the fruit, papaya trees apparently had something that has value and high economic order. Stems, leaves and fruits like papaya milk contains white latex (milky white latex) containing protein or a proteolytic enzyme known as papain. This enzyme is widely used in various industrial activities, such as the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal, cosmetic, textile, leather tanning and more. If the comparison between stem sap, leaves and fruit, sap from the fruit is the most quality.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

The content of papaya latex
The main content of papaya latex is an enzyme - protease enzymes (papain and degrading protein that is kimopapain. Concentration of papain and papaya kimopapain in a row 10% and 45%. Both of these enzymes have the ability to describe the bonds in the protein melekul so that the protein breaks down into polypeptides and dipeptide.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret
Also contained in the sap of unripe papaya for more than 50 amino acids, including aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysin, arginin, tritophan, and cysteine . These substances are useful in the cosmetic industry raw material to smooth the skin, strengthens the network to be more chewy, and keep the teeth from plaque accumulation.
Secret Behind Potential Gum Papaya herbal secret

Benefits / Applications

1. Serves as a tenderizer papain / pengempukan meat.
2. As the active ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations such as indigestion medicine, dispesia, and worm medicine.
3. In order to surgically papain could be used as a drug controlling edema and imflamasi.
4. While for the cosmetics, which are widely used today is the active ingredient for creams, skin cleansing to face, cope with broken foot on the heel, smooth the skin, strengthen the network to be more supple. Therefore, papain is able to dissolve the dead cells attached to the skin and despite difficult physically. Stains and spots on the face can be erased by papain to be smooth and clean.
5. Used as an ingredient papain toothpaste maker, because it can clean up any leftover food stuck in teeth.
6. Perenyah material on the making of pastries such as crackers.
7. Penggumpal material on the making of cheese milk.
8. Glatin solvents, washer and lens materials.
9. Efficacious as an antitumor and cancer. This is because more than 50 amino acids contained in them.

There are several advantages in the use of enzyme papain to this, which is not toxic in nature, no reaction aside, there's no changing the pressure, temperature and pH are drastic, and at low concentrations could have functioned well.

Commercial Forms
Currently, the sap contained in the raw papaya leaf and fruit is extracted to be used as raw meat mixture pengempuk commercially in the form of flour. Flour can be packaged as seasoning packaging (plastic packaging) or bottled, and after it is labeled as pengempuk meat can be sold in the market.

The potential market is big enough for pengempuk flesh in the form of yet more circulating in the market. Papaya latex that has been made of flour did not reduce the activity of the enzyme papain and can digunakana practically anywhere. Making technology simple so it can be made as appropriate technology, and can also be used commercially. We can find papaya latex powder in the form of packaging as pengempuk meat in the super market or store chemicals.

Making Gum Powder Papaya
1. Papain was obtained through wiretapping papaya latex at least 3 months old. Sap-making can be done several times during the fruit is young and contains a lot of sap.
2. Then the sap is dried or dried at a temperature of 60-70 ° C for 12 hours. During the drying or drying, sap and environmental hygiene to rigorously maintained.
3. Once dried, then crushed and sieved to obtain fine powder, as fine flour or rice flour.

Nb: In order to produce flour with a good quality latex can be used in spray dryer technology or freeze drying.

Storage papain international standard form of primary packaging in plastic and cans as packaging vacuum secondary. Layered security that prevents oxidation which lowers the value of proteolytic activity. Pengempuk diverse industries such as meat, soap, cosmetics, and beverages using papain maximum of six months, when the value of proteolytic stability.

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