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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Savor Tomato for Cancer Prevention

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Savor Tomato for Cancer PreventionTomatoes Anyone would know, but them know you when tomatoes were a variety of forms. First tomato fruit, red, thick fleshed, with juicy seeds and easily obtained in traditional Indonesian markets once.

While smaller and usually orange-green and green when immature, known as sebagal tomato vegetable often used in cooking. In addition there are also small size of a marble called cherry tomatoes. This type of tomato is also used to make the sauce mixture in dish or salad.

Lower Cancer Risk

Tomatoes are not only delicious for cooking, but also nutritious for health. The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute confirm that consumption of tomatoes in sufficient quantities can lower cancer risk, although not all types of cancer. From 72 studies conducted, 57 states have relevance tomato consumption with a reduced risk of cancer, according to Dr. Edward Giovannucci of Harvard Medical School.

"The data linking the consumption of almost all tomatoes with prostate cancer, lung and digestive system," said Giovannucci. His discovery also shows that consumption of tomatoes may reduce the risk of other cancers such as pancreatic, colon, breast and cervix.

"It's best to eat tomatoes as a healthy diet, like other fruit or vegetable consumption," said Dr. Moshe Shike director of the Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program, Cancer Center, New York, colleagues Giovannuci.

Giovannucci own conduct research on tomatoes in any form, whether raw, sauce, pasta, soup or salad. Efficacy was found in all these preparations, the study also concluded that the compound benefits of tomatoes do not interfere with the cooking and processing.

Only, sometimes tomatoes mixed with fat and sugar that is not good for health if consumed too much. such as fresh tomatoes consumed with cheese. High-fat sources that should be reduced.

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