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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves

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Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves Empirically, many people take advantage of breadfruit leaves to cope with various health problems. In addition to lowering blood cholesterol levels, some are making it as a solution to save the kidney. If only the advice of relatives and relatives are not ignored, it is not impossible Arman must undergo dialysis regularly. In fact, it could be the father of two children had lost his kidney. Breadfruit leaf decoction drunk who routinely able to save her kidneys and ensure the daily routine is still running.

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves Before routine drinking breadfruit leaf herb that has been drained and a half years ago, complaining about his body Arman easily tired, lethargic, and the freshness of her face is much reduced. He also tortured when the urge to urinate. "It was torture, in addition to the old, out too little. Waiting for the many hours it really made me miserable, "he said.

Herbal Secret: advantage of breadfruit leaves The result of the doctor, the left kidney conditions including severe Arman. Not only tortured during urination, weight also fell dramatically, from 70 kg to 55 kg. These conditions include Arman try another solution. Although initially some doubt, advice from his brother to drink boiled breadfruit leaf was eventually followed. When it's this 65-year-old man was already beginning to take it anymore with the pain experienced. Fortunately, despite the condition of the kidneys is severe enough, Arman did not have to undergo dialysis.

According to doctors, no kidney malfunction due to several reasons. Among the sediment of kidney stones, enlarged prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure, or immunological disease. In her case, renal failure caused by an enlarged prostate.

Medically, the decline in kidney function due to aging would be more rapid progress because of an enlarged prostate clog the urinary tract. Like most sufferers, a new Arman complain after renal function is reduced 25-30 percent.


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