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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Efficacy of Black Pepper

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Black PepperAmong the family of spice, black pepper (Piper nigrum) or black pepper is a type of spice is most popular. First found in Malabar, the west coast of southern India about 2000 years ago. Now pepper widely planted in Asia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia.

Pepper vines classified. The leaves are oval-shaped, single-stemmed, alternate location or scattered. Pepper Compound flowering, grain shape, and hang with the long ears of 3.5 to 22 cm, is at the tip or deal with the leaves. While the drug is used as a fruit.

Chemical constituents in black pepper is a saponin, flavonoida, essential oils, kavisin, resin, albumen, starch, piperine, piperiline, piperoleine, poperanine, piperonal, dihdrokarveol, kanyo-fillene oxide, kariptone, tran piocarrol, and pepper oil. Chemical properties of pepper are spicy and flavorful very typical.

Black pepper has many benefits. Among these are to wage menstruation, relieve an asthma attack, relieve symptoms of arthritis, overcoming flatulence, and relieve headaches.

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