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Friday, October 1, 2010

Savor the roots of the earth peg

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Problems vitality for men is often a cause of lack of harmony of domestic life. Especially for men who have extra busy in the pursuit of performance. No doubt the house is really a place to rest alone. Caused by fatigue after working all day.

Disease lackluster for a man can be overcome with various drugs. But consumers often worry about the side effects of drug use processed Bridge Synthetic Chemistry. Traditional herb became the perfect alternative. In this case the root was the owner of the earth peg.

Earth pegs have been well known in the earth of Borneo since time immemorial as a tonic for the adam. Plant latin name Eurycoma Longifolia is thriving in the interior forests of Borneo. In the neighboring country (Malaysia) pegs the Earth known as Tongkat Ali.

Roots pegs earth by the Dayak (Borneo tribal) are also believed to have a variety of benefits. From the first until now maintained that belief as an ancestral heritage.

This is confirmed by various kinds of research that reveals the content of the roots of the earth peg. The content of ethanolic extracts in the pegs of the earth to increase the amount of male hormone testosterone. Ethanolic stimulating hormone chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to help the formation of testosterone.

Plant roots also contain brusin earth peg and a nutritious strichnin add vitality to men because it is afrodisiaka. That is a traditional herb that is claimed to stimulate the libido.

Based on research, plant-derived compounds afrodisiaka contain saponins, alkaloids, tannins, and other compounds that can physiologically blood circulation in the central nervous system or peripheral blood circulation. The effect is to increase blood circulation to the male genitalia.

But new research conducted at this stage afrodisiaka content. Not until the effectiveness afrodisiaka to treatment of erectile dysfunction. But afrodisiaka relatively safer than chemical drugs. For the hose and the muck, does not force such as chemical drugs.

Savor the earth peg roots apparently not only limited to these. Roots are also able to peg the earth treat malaria. Because the roots of the earth peg erikomanon contained a powerful compound to treat malaria. While kuasinoid compound on earth peg roots can paralyze falcifarum plasmodium. That is the bacteria that live in the body Anopeles Female mosquitoes cause malaria. Keep in mind, Praise be to Allaah plasmodium that enter the human body can damage and destroy red blood cells.

Besides as enhancing the vitality of men and antimalarial, pegs the earth turns out to also prevent the attack of cancer. Kuasinoid and alkaloid compounds contained in the earth peg proved to inhibit cancer cell growth according to a study conducted by Abdul Razak Mohd Ali from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. As many as 8 alkaloid found in the roots of the earth pegs, one 9-methoxycanthin 6 which serves as an anticancer breast.

Research conducted by the Department pf Pharmacognocy, Tokyo College of Pharmacy & the Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University, Japan. Menemuka antileukimia from peg earth compounds. Besides aphrodisiac, anticancer, antimalarial, and antileukimia, pegs the earth is also useful to boost immunity to HIV sufferers.

Earth pegs usually consumed traditionally, by drinking water from the boiled roots of the Earth pegs for about ten hours. Then boiled water cooled to obtain the active ingredients they contain and consumed regularly. But according to some pegs circles the Earth is very good if taken in powdered form rather than traditional.

Huge benefits from the pegs of the earth does not necessarily reserved only for the men. The weather was very encouraged to consume the earth peg root extract .. Moreover, women who have a very high workload

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