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Monday, June 14, 2010

White Turmeric for Health and killing Cancer

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White Turmeric  for Health and killing Cancer
Currently, the number of cancer patients are increasing and as a cause of cancer deaths are also on the high quantity. Generally, the cancer detected in an advanced stage, so treatment becomes more difficult. Treatment with the modern way is still considered a lot of side effects, while the maximum percentage of success is not enough, so it needs to be supported with alternative medicine or traditional medicine with herbal use of biological diversity of the archipelago.
White Turmeric  for Health and killing CancerWhite Turmeric  for Health and killing Cancer

Any such alternative treatment is to use white turmeric, not many people me efficacy White Turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria) that apparently a lot could cure various diseases. The most nutritious part is its rhizomes.

Active Substance Content of Turmeric White

Curcuminoids, essential oil, polysaccharides, zedoarin, kurdiona, kurkumol. Which has been known curcuminoids, including curcumin, desmektosikurkumin, bisdemetoksikurkumin, 1.7-bis (4-hidroksifenil) -1,4,6-heptatrien-on-3.
White Turmeric  for Health and killing CancerWhite Turmeric  for Health and killing Cancer

Working Mechanism

Cancer is a disease characterized by cell growth - a new body tissue cells (neoplasms), not normal (the result of genetic mutation of cells), rapid, and uncontrolled. Therefore, the cancer is not infectious disease caused by germs attack. Cancer grows from cells - the cells of organs that have a genetic mutation. It is genetic mutation of cells that grow abnormally and destructive (do not follow the law and tend to damage the cell growth).
Zedoarin, kurdiona and kurkumol. These substances turned out to be anti-neoplastic destructive ribosoma formation in cancer cells and tissues by increasing the formation of wild fibroblast tissue surrounding the cancerous tissue, and form a layer of lymphocytes in cancer tissue cells and wrapping, so that cells of cancer tissue can not grow, eventually the cancer cells will die, and causes no danger anymore.

In general, the efficacy and usefulness of white turmeric as follows:

1. reduce symptoms of heartburn and stomach pain
2. increase appetite
3. helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells (anti-neoplastic)
4. stop bleeding

Not All White Turmeric as an Anti-Cancer

But not all types of White  Turmeric has an anti-cancer properties. In many outstanding people who are White Turmeric  type or types of curcuma longa, this species does not have as anti-cancer properties. This species has a characteristic:

Chalk-white, shaped rash, water and extract thick and sticky when powdered white.

White turmeric this type is only efficacious as anti Diarrhoea and Dysentery and can not treat cancer.
White turmeric or curcuma zedoaria efficacious to cure bloating and anti-oxidant or a cure for cancer. Anti-oxidant properties obtained from the immunomodulator, these substances are capable of multiplying the number of lymphocytes, increase the toxicity of cancer killer cells and specific antibody synthesis. The use of turmeric with grated white then grated and squeezed the water drunk.

As an important note! one of the negative impact of white turmeric is to reduce the ability of white blood cells, white turmeric is also not good for pregnant and lactating mothers.


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  1. Hi!

    I am glad that you are advocating cancer awareness and I am certain that there exists several methods of treating cancer that have not yet been identified by the allopathic medical community.
    However, I am having some trouble understanding the method of destruction of neoplastic cells that you describe. I am especially having trouble with the phrase "anti-neoplastic destructive ribosoma formation". What is a ribosoma? Also, what does "wild fibroblast tissue" refer to? Finally, where was this research conducted? I would find it very interesting to read the original article and perhaps gain a better understanding of this fascinating subject.

    Thank you.