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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Benefits of Pegagan for combating tuberculosis (TB)

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The Benefits of  Pegagan for combating tuberculosis (TB)
A friend told me, how frustrated he attacked the tuberculosis (TB) lungs. Battered disposable medical drugs, the disease still exists. He also panicked, because she said, TB bacteria can be resistant to drugs formulated strikes dispensaries. Fortunately, when almost frustrated, he "discovered" gotu kola.

Living the "destiny" as the lungs of TB patients is not easy. If not resilient, rather than cured, patients can die of boredom. Understandably, the process of healing of TB, in addition to quite difficult, too time consuming, ranging from 3-6 months. That, too, with a note, patients taking the medicine disciplined and diligent went to the doctor.
The Benefits of  Pegagan for combating tuberculosis (TB)The Benefits of  Pegagan for combating tuberculosis (TB)

The duration of treatment is - especially if accompanied by cost constraints - which often lead to patient frustration. Yes frustrated take medicine, yes bored suffer. In fact, taking the discipline to be the deciding factor in the healing process. Incomplete treatment can cause a variety of TB bacteria resistant to conventional drugs, including drug combinations.

In other words, is strictly prohibited TB patients actually tolerate the word bored, or even despair. That is why, for my friend, an encounter with gotu kola and fellow colleagues become highly significant. At least, he felt "alone" again facing tuberculosis. When many relatives and friends move away because of fear of contracting taulan, gotu kola and friends become the most loyal friend.
The Benefits of  Pegagan for combating tuberculosis (TB)The Benefits of  Pegagan for combating tuberculosis (TB)

Most importantly, their price is cheap and does not make the bag tight, if consumed over long periods.

Inhibit & destroy gotu kola

Gotu kola or Centella asiatica was cool names of wild plants that exist in the lowlands, up to about 2500 m above sea level.

Empirically, commonly used as a tonic, anti-infective, antirematik, tranquilizers, accelerate wound healing, and diuretics. Various researches have been done to support the empirical benefits.

For example, referring to research that gotu kola as an antiinflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, or to improve memory (central nervous system), eczema (a wound), and hepatitis. It relates to the compound owned by gotu kola, namely asiaticiside, thankuniside, medecassoside, brahmoside, brahminoside, madastic acid, vitamins B1, B2, and B6.

From various studies in vitro of gotu kola find its ability to destroy bacteria that cause infections, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherechia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhi, and the like. Meanwhile, in the form of infusion or extract of ethanol, these plants are believed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Laorpuksa A. and colleagues in research in 1988 proved, gotu kola estrak water can fight against bacteria that cause infections of the respiratory tract. Meanwhile, Herbert D. and friends of the Tuberculosis Research Center in India to try the effect of gotu kola on tuberculosis H37Rv bacteria in vitro. The result, gotu kola does not directly affect the tuberculosis bacteria. However, Herbert recommends further research on active compounds asiaticoside.

Herbert Feeling vindicated. Based on advanced research, gotu kola compound turned out to be active against tuberculosis and Bacillus leprae Mycobakterium (Oliver-Bever, 1986). Later studies conducted Walter H. Lewis also said the kola including a group of plants that produce substances such as antibiotics and asiaticoside.

Efficacy Test Pegagan

Efficacy of gotu kola also has been tested by Boeteau P. and friends, who menginokulasi animal experiment with guinea pig tuberculosis bacillus bacteria during 15 days. Injection of 0.5 ml of 4% asiaticoside given to guinea pigs, proven to reduce the number of lesions tuberkular in the lungs, liver, and spleen. Compounds asiaticoside make pegagan not only inhibits the growth of TB bacteria, but also has potential as an immunomodulator - endurance enhancer.

Empirically, the use of gotu kola to eradicate pulmonary tuberculosis can be carried out based on the following recipe. Wash 30-60 g fresh gotu kola, and then boiled in 3 cups of water until remaining 1 glass, and drunk three times daily. For TB skin, lumatkan gotu kola, and stick on the affected part.


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