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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Usefulness Celery

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Celery (apium graveolens L.) is an herbaceous upright annual, and has a height of about 25-100 cm. Celery sticks angled and grooved lengthwise, with numerous flowers, small, white or greenish white. There are three groups, celery, the celery leaves, celery slices, and celery bulbous.

Celery contains a lot is known provitamin A, vitamin B and C, essential oils, protein, calcium, and phosphate salt. With abortion, the Celery nutritious to help raise levels of uric acid in the blood, relieves pain in inventories due to uric acid, lowers blood pressure, normalize blood sugar, heart and bone health, combating urinary tract infections, and degenerative effects and neutralize free radicals .


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