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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Savors of Galangal

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Galangal (Lenguas galanga or Alpinia galanga) is often used by women known as the flavoring dishes. Galangal herb plants including tall upright stems that reach 2 to 2.5 meters. Galangal can live in the lowlands to highlands, approximately 1200 meters above sea level. There are two types of plants known as galangal rhizome i.e. varieties with white bulb and varieties red bulbs . Galangal with white bulb was used flavoring cooking, galangal is with red bulb used as a drug.

Galangal has a trunk containing an array of stem-leaf midrib. Leaves elliptical, and the leaves contained in the lower part of midrib, midrib only, while the top consists of stem-shaft complete with strands of the leaf midrib. The flowers appear at the end of the plant. Galangal rhizome tuber compare with other than crude fiber also has a distinctive aroma.
Growing Conditions
A. Climate:
1. Altitude: 1-1200 m above sea level
2. Annual rainfall: 2500 - 4000 mm / year
3. Wet months (above 100 mm / month): 7-9 months
4. Dry months (less than 60 mm / month): 3-5 months
5. Air Temperature: 29 'C - 25' C.
6. Humidity: medium
7. Radiation: high
B. Soil
1. Type: latosol reddish brown, andosol, alluvial.
2. Texture: berliat clay, sandy clay, red clay, lateristik.
3. Drainage: well
4. Ground water depth: 50-100 cm from the ground surface
5. Rooting Depth: 10-30 cm from the ground surface
6. Fertility: medium - high

Local Name:
Greater galingale (UK), Alpinia galanga (Indonesia); Laos (Java), Laja (Sunda);

Disease Can Be Treated:
Rheumatism, spleen pain, sexual passion, appetite, bronchitis; Morbili, panu;


1. Rheumatic
a. Ingredients: 2 rhizomes of your thumb and first eggs village
Method: galangal grated and squeezed to take water,
raw chicken eggs be broken to take yellow,
then both the material dioplos until evenly distributed.
How to use: drink one time a day

b. Ingredients: 3 rhizomes of thumb, 0.5 teaspoon powdered
pepper, 1 slice of brown sugar, and coconut milk 2 cups water
How to make: all the ingredients are boiled together to live a glass of water
How to use: drunk little by little during the first week

2. Spleen pain

Ingredients: 2 rhizomes of thumb, three rhizome tuber temulawak of your thumb and a handheld leaf meniran
How to make: all of these ingredients with 3 cups boiling water boil
How to use: drink one cup 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

3. Generating Sex Passion

Ingredients: 2 bulbs galangal rhizome of thumb, three rhizome tuber thumb of ginger and 2 pieces of lime, 1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon salt and 1 yeast tape.
Method: galangal and ginger root grated and squeezed to water is taken, then dioplos with other materials
with 0.5 cup water until evenly cooked.
How to use: drunk.

4. Awaken Your Appetite
a. Ingredients: 1 rhizomes of thumb, three of noni Raw, 0.5 kencur rhizome of thumb, 0.5 teaspoon
coriander powder, 1 clove garlic, 3 eye fruit java acidic a cook, a piece of brown sugar, jakeling, jalawe and jarahab.
How to make: all of these ingredients with 2 cups boiling water boil until there remained a glass
How to use: drink two glasses of 0.5 times a day, morning and afternoon.

b. Ingredients: 1 bulb ginger rhizome for the thumb, a rhizome temulawak of thumb, a tree plant and a little meniran pulawaras fennel.
How to make: all of these ingredients with 3 cups boiling water boil
How to use: drunk three times a day

5. Bronchitis
Ingredients: ginger root galangal, turmeric and ginger (each 2 rimoang) for the thumb, keningar, a handheld leaf horse whip, 0.5 handheld slobber leaves, cinnamon leaves sufficiently.
How to make: all ingredients are finely ground and then
boiled with 3 cups water to boiling
How to use: drunk two times a day, morning and afternoon.

6. Morbili
Ingredients: 4 galangal rhizome tuber of thumb, 1 teaspoon eucalyptus oil and 2 teaspoons oil gondopura.
Method: finely grated galangal root, then mixed with the other ingredients until smooth.
How to use: used for external medication.

7. Panu
a. Ingredients: galangal rhizome and tubers sufficiently whiting
How to make: both the material powder
How to use: rub on the affected parts, morning and afternoon.

b. Ingredients: rhizomes and Sprites
How to make: cut rhizomes.
How to use: the affected part is rubbed with a rubbing
pieces of ginger, then smeared with methylated



Chemical compounds contained in the Lenguas galanga, among others, contain essential oils, flying oil, eugenol, sesquiterpenes, pinen, methyl cinnamate, kaemferida, shipyards, galangol and yellow crystals.

source: article-alternatif.blogspot.com

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