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Monday, August 9, 2010

Usefulness bean sprouts

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 Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge
Menu bean sprouts for the midday meal dinner mahupun often underestimated by most of us. Seen as a dish of bean sprouts which are not directly menyelerakan.
 Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge

But you know, bean sprouts that often become the last choice to be made of this vegetable actually has many virtues. Bean sprouts can be said to contribute to male fertility and bean sprouts wanita.Pengambilan by men able to make sperm produced by this group better. So was a woman, she was quite impressed help the fertility of eggs produced.
 Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge Usefulness bean sprouts bean sprouts tauge

However, the properties bean sprouts are not just contributors to fertility, it also proved through the study materials that can cripple the womb kanser seeds, colon, pancreas and leukemia.

Following similar studies carried out there from the type of bean sprouts green beans, alfalfa, etc. Phytochemical yes womb many nutritious elements. One is kanavanin (canavanine), a type of amino asid. Kanavanin, capable of crippling the seeds kanser dukatakan leukemia, colon and pancreas.

In addition, the bean sprouts have also functioned as semulajadi estrogen with estrogen synthesis. Estrogen in the bean sprouts can increase bone density and composition, as well as prevent bone fragility

Intake of bean sprouts by women are often able to help them avoid them from breast kanser, impending menstruation disorders, symptoms of pre-menopaus, and the disruption caused by menopaus.

When the nuts to be used as bean sprouts dicambahkan general levels increased resulting in 450 peratus saponinya. Those who are at risk of stroke and heart attack disease, because of high blood fat levels are encouraged to take more bean sprouts in their daily menu. Saponi in bean sprouts, banish the "fat bad" LDL cholesterol, without disturbing the good HDL fats.

In addition to DNA loaded, solid sprouts with strong antioksida prevented the body from free radical cell perosak DNA. This reinforces the conclusion Protection bean sprouts are vegetables that make you younger.

Another property which is no less great bean sprouts is to help remove impurities in the large intestine kerana womb lots of fiber and water. This is the main tunjang kanser bean sprouts in fighting cells.

If the dirt immediately meniggalkan large intestine, there is no longer toxic substances in sewage that can be absorbed by the body. He will prevent the collection of toxic substances that can stimulate seed blossoming kanser. After reading the good of vegetable sprouts do not hesitate to pick it up. The price also very cheap !

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