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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

properties of Dates Fruit

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properties of Dates Fruit
1. The fruit of a palm plant rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamins A and C and niacin.
2. Saintifiknya name recognizable as phoenix dactylifera L impressive mengubati chronic intestinal disorders and overcoming constipation.
3. Bidder efficacious in traditional perubatan to overcome insomnia, reduce cough and various other properties.
properties of Dates Fruit properties of Dates Fruit

4. Following expert opinion perubatan, palm fruit is rich in iron and calcium elements corresponding to the same woman there when pregnant or after giving birth.
5. For mothers who have a milk shortage problem, it can be overcome by eating a date once gus promote the added content of milk.
properties of Dates Fruit properties of Dates Fruit

6. Role in childhood growth, the formation of blood and bone marrow.
7. dates among the most worthy of processed foods as bekalan energy.
8. Properties shown to help heat the body, mencergaskan brain and body weight, Minda mencergaskan childhood.
9. Palm juice can reduce blood spilled, strengthen organs uterus and relieve high blood pressure memorable.
10. Help pave the way of blood, avoiding the abscess, treat the kidneys, liver and helps wash the blood stream when subtracting the birth.

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