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Thursday, August 12, 2010

bamboo leaves properties

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bamboo leaves properties bamboo leaves
There are still many people who do not know, bamboo leaves, including potential herb. Its flavonoid content is high enough. In China, the leaf extract was used to protect the heart.

bamboo leaves properties bamboo leavesbamboo leaves properties bamboo leaves

During this time, the plant that is frequently utilized is bamboo stems. Leaves and other parts so just waste. In contrast to that prevailing in China. In the State Bamboo Curtain, bamboo leaf it has a history of medicine and food for long time.
bamboo leaves properties bamboo leavesbamboo leaves properties bamboo leaves

The benefits of bamboo leaves was first revealed in the Book of Sun Yi Bie Lu (Note Doctor List), which is to shed the sputum and relieve cough and difficulty breathing. Other properties include neutralize toxins in the body.

Great Dictionary of Chinese Herbs also make it clear that the hot issue function of bamboo leaves, returns potent fluids, and are diuretic (urine launched). In 1998, bamboo leaves are categorized by the Board of Health of China in the list of natural herbs for medicine and food.

Cool and Harum
Type of Phyllostachys nigra plants Latin name is growing on the Yangtze River region, precisely in southern China. Ancient Chinese medical experts to describe the function of medicine and food, bamboo leaves in the book of Yao Pin Hua Yi or books sense digging herbs, which is cool, fragrant, can get into the heart meridian, it feels cold and bitter, his chi is also cool.

Research shows, bamboo leaves contain many active substances, namely flavonoids, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, mikroelemen, and so forth, so good for lowering blood fats and cholesterol. Could also reduce the antioxidant or free radical oxidation, as antiaging ingredients, and is able to maintain stamina and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Lim Muliadi OMD-oriental medical doctors from Shanghai TC University revealed, bamboo leaf flavonoid content has a positive effect on bone marrow and chemotherapy on the immunity, can improve microvascular flow for heart patients, thrombocyte function, and blood circulation in heart muscle.

Similar Hemoglobin
Japanese health experts believe the composition of flavonoids from leaves of bamboo-like structure of hemoglobin. Therefore, bamboo leaves can be directly injected into the veins and can improve efficiency.

Bamboo leaf flavonoids are also safe, non-toxic. Uniquely, bamboo leaf flavonoids is the first domestic resources flavonoid found in China and was officially patented.

Health Agencies in Zhe Jiang Province, China, through toksiologi tests, oral tests of bamboo leaves extract on rats with a dose of LD50, greater than 10g/kg body weight of rats. The result is a bamboo leaf poison free.

Really bamboo leaf flavonoid capable of healthy heart? A special study carried out in order to reveal the benefits of bamboo leaf flavonoids on blood vessels and coronary artery blood flow.
Variations of research with high-dose, medium, and low, bamboo leaf flavonoids shown to facilitate blood flow from coronary heart cavia cobaya (a type of mouse) which is separated from his body. Calculation of the group and each member of the group have significant differences, increases with the magnitude of the dose.

High dose, medium and low bamboo leaf flavonoids can increase heart muscle contraction force and the calculation of the group also has a clear distinction. Effects of group small dose (2.5 mg / ml) to explain the positive results for the normal physiological function of the coronary arteries and potentially prevent the occurrence of cardiac disorders.

Since 1998, experts in China have a lot of research on bamboo leaf flavonoids function to inhibit the oxidation of fat. For example, chocolate drink mix with 1 percent of bamboo leaf extract significantly increased free radical activity while protecting vitamins A and E.

In domestic markets of bamboo leaf extract products are relatively not much. Usually in the form of tablets or similar snack that can be consumed, like snacks. Because in the form of extracts, of course caution is required in taking them. The best way to reduce risk, consider the legality of such products there is any certification of POM.

Benefits of Bamboo from Age to Age
Various herbal books, books of classical medicine, and Chinese farmakop noted bamboo properties in curing diseases. Among them:
- Bie Lu. Bamboo leaves are cool, non-toxic, to treat heartburn in the chest and coughing.
- Sheng Hui Fang. Porridge bamboo leaves can cure heat at the heart of a child or was unconscious. Potion: 60 g of bamboo leaves, to taste rice, and 15 g of yin chen (wormwood / Artemisiae scopariae) made porridge.
- The Book of Herbal Therapy. Bamboo leaves could cure a cough, thirst, sputum, sore throat, and relieve the heat.
- Ben Cao Qiu Zhen. Bamboo leaves can refresh the heart, warms the spleen, eliminate ripples and thirsty, evil wind, cough, difficulty, vomiting of blood, mild stroke, and others.
- Yao Pin Hua Yi. Book known as the Book of Definitions The drug is noted, bamboo leaves a refreshing, slightly bitter, is able to neutralize all the cold and hot chi.
- Yue Jing (The Book of Herbal Classic). Bamboo leaves, with a mild aroma, can neutralize the burning sensation, especially in the heart of chi. Is good medicine, particularly to treat thirst for hot days, clear sputum / ripples in the chest, relieves cold and weak, coughing, and asthma. Only the leaves of bamboo that can enter the gall bladder and bring chi neutral to the lungs to remove the heat.
- Ben Jing Feng Yuan. In the Book Shen Nung Herbal Classic was written to heal one of the bamboo leaf veins, wounds, and kills parasites.
- Great Dictionary of Chinese Medicine. Bamboo leaves relieve anxiety and heat, and launched a pee.

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